Danica Patrick left another track being angry and disappointed. SHe lost control of her car and caused a 4 car crash at Pocono. Patrick who started back in the pack got her car into 18th position before she crashed.

She took out a number of cars too. Can you imagine being Ricky Stenhouse Jr.? The ride home had to be one of the longest trips of his life. Patrick has a way of staying angry after she screws up. She shouldn’t be mad at anyone but herself.

It is her that control her race car. She is a risk to crash anytime she gets behind the wheel in a NASCAR race. This is just too much for this young lady. If she wasn’t such a great marketing tool, she wouldn’t have a ride in NASCAR.

Patrick makes it easy for her race team to sell sponsorships but she doesn’t make it easy for her cure to win races. The pressure of trying to finish the race gets to her and she loses control and the sad part is she takes out others in the process.

It was on lap 110 that Patrick lost control of her car drifting up into the car of Travis Kvapil. That triggered the 4 car wreak that would send Patrick to the garage area to pack her stuff early in this one. This is the way things go when someone is driving a car that has no business being there.

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  1. Chris Nelson

    wow are they ever trashing Danica

  2. Bryan

    LG, You obviously know little to nothing about racing. I am quite certain she would take you to school in a race car.

    • LG

      That is where you are mistaken. I know a lot about racing….

      • T Scanlon

        Denny hit the wall
        Jimmy Hit the wall
        Matt wreaked twice
        And again She is to blame for everything? Fun how that works

      • brent nowostawski (@brentsn)

        LOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHALOL,Get over yourself LG,honestly how old are you ? You know alot about racing?? From watching on tv? Judging from your constant hate and jealousy of one driver,I can’t tell you know ANYTHING about racing. I raced for 10 years and can tell in one sentence when someone doesn’t know what they are talking about. From you , it took one word. LOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHALOL

      • Pat Danica

        Which car were you driving on Sunday, LG? None of them? That’s what I thought. You know less than nothing.

  3. Joe

    @LG- You may know a lot about racing but you should take a refresher course on spelling, proof reading & punctuation before you continue. Also, Danica is a very good driver in a new car which was designed by NASCAR to be harder to drive. Its going to take her time to get it all together but you watch, she will improve with time. Many of the drivers in that field (considered top drivers) are also having a tough time getting there cars to work the way they want & when the gen-6 gets into traffic, the air comes off the back of the car & it starts floating. Everyone out there has experienced similar issues. Give Danica more time before you write her off as just a girl… Jus sayin.

    • LG

      I’ll admit I should pay more attention to the writing of the English language….But often times I am in a hurry.

      • Pat Danica

        “But often times I am in a hurry.” That still doesn’t make you a race car driver. If you aren’t a race car driver you know nothing about race car driving!!

  4. Anonymous

    Exactly TScanlon. I amazed how everyone blames her for EVERYTHING! When others wreck or cause a wreck they are not subjected to this scrutiny. She must do something right. She manages to qualify.

    • Anonymous

      As often as not she gets in on owner points (that Tony bought for her) She is a start and park driver at best.

  5. JJ

    Face it, she can’t handle the car. she costs more than she is generating, I’s sure she will be looking for a ride soon.

    • Anonymous

      I’d still love to fxxx her

    • Pat Danica

      “she costs more than she is generating” and Now you, JJ, know nothing about what you are saying either. Must be related to LG…

  6. lj

    Even Michael Waltrip had a ride for so long that he learned to drive. Shame it is based on marketability or who you know, instead of ability.


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