If Danica Patrick were to race the King Richard Petty, she would probably lose. Tony Stewart is putting his foot in his mouth with this nonsense. Petty is 78-years-old and Patrick is less than half his age.

If Petty were in his prime, he would wipe the track with Patrick in a NASCAR race. Stewart is defending his employee, because of the huge revenues she brings to his race team.

If Patrick wasn’t as popular, I doubt if she would even be in a Stewart conversation. But with the funds she brings into his race team he has little choice but to rush to her side.

He is acting like a jealous lover with the way he is defending her. He is nothing more than her pimp. He pimps her out to bring in cash. Patrick wouldn’t even be in NASCAR if she didn’t bring in a ton of fans and a ton of cash.

You can’t say she is there because of her driving. She wreaks a lot of cars and she doesn’t win. The boys out on the track are too tough for this little girl and deep in his mind Stewart knows this.

He will never admit that she is not good enough to win in NASCAR, as long as she continues to bring in the cash, Stewart is going to be happy with her. Once the cash cow stops working he will cast her to the side like any other driver who can’t perform at a high level.

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  1. George Baxter

    More hot air from the peanut gallery.

  2. steve

    LG, your analysis is south of a donkeys hind end.

  3. Anonymous

    Some people write more crap, especially the one’s who haven’t even driven a race car. All just wanna be’s.

  4. H Howell

    If you owned a company and had an employee bringing in lot of cash would you not defend that person male or female. Dancia can race or she would not have been successful in the open wheel races. This is a different kind of racing and she has to learn how torace in NASCAR. Haven’t you ever bought a new car that was different in the way it handled. This is the same principal.

  5. Anon

    Your an idiot who has never owned a business. You make marketing a race car driver sound like it’s a bad thing. You have no clue.


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