It is a very expensive habit for Stewart Haas racing to employe Danica Patrick as one of their drivers. When she crashed into  Truex at Watkins Glen, it not only marked her shortest race of her NASCAR career, it marked her fifth crash in her last 12 races.

Patrick isn’t qualifying the cars well, she isn’t racing the car well, and when she crashes on the second lap of a race as she did at Watkins Glen she isn’t even making a good show for her cars sponsors. This has to be getting old for Stewart Haas Racing.

They had to think that Patrick was going to make a better showing in NASCAR than she has. She came to the sport from open wheel racing and she is having a tough time adapting to the heavier cars. Patrick in never to to be in contention in NASCAR.

She doesn’t have the tools to compete with the boys in NASCAR. Don’t think that is a sexist comment, it is because of her body size.  She isn’t strong enough to handle these cars. She is too small. It is only going to be a matter of time before Stewart Haas Racing gets rid of her.

They want to have drivers that can compete in races.. Not some pretty face who is good at posing half nude. They need a driver not a model.


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  1. Anonymous

    terrible post written by someone who doesnt understand the sport

  2. Connie White

    Maybe she isn’t living up to your expectations, but then again, most people writing on a website can spell “wrecked” correctly…maybe your bosses need to fire you for not doing your job well.

    • Bill

      Let’s face facts. Danica can drive a racecar. And she is a big fan favorite. If you were at the Allstar Race in May you would understand. Having been around Winston Cup, Grand National, NASCAR, and Indycar racing for a very long time, I can tell you of many top drivers that wrecked as much or more then Danica has. Stop being so negative and do the sport some good. You go Danica.

  3. Bill

    Danica can drive a racecar. If you were at the Allstar Race this past May you would have seen just how much of a fan favorite she is. And having been around and associated with NASCAR Winston Cup, Grand National, Sprint Cup and USAC Gold Crown, Silver Crown as well as CART, I can tell you that many top drivers have had as many or more wrecks as Danica. How about saying something positive about the sport. As a writer/reporter you might get more respect. Go Danica.

  4. penney444

    Danica will blow u people away soon just wait and see

  5. ted

    just remember they put 22 clips on Jeff Gordons car the first year – get off her case – as long as a sponsor is getting the moneys worth she will have a car under her – her boyfriend is barely ahead of her in points

    • LG

      Do you think comparing Patrick to Gordon is justified?

  6. Ice

    she is the laughing stock in nascar !

    • Ann Thomson

      Face facts people if Danica didn’t come with her sponsor behind her she would not be in nascar.

  7. captsculy

    Face facts, if Danica was a man she wouldn’t be in NASCAR

  8. Joanne

    Isn’t that a bit sexist, saying she does not have the physical skills to function at the same level of males. The Department of Defense finally got over that thinking, women can do anything a man can do when they set their mind to, and many times we do it better!

    • LG

      I think I tried to cover the sexist thing in the article. Please refer back to that explanation….

  9. Actual NASCAR Fan

    WTF are you talking about? Ryan Truex was not entered in any race at the Glen. Danica finished 20th, without an accident. Learn the sport before you write an ignorant blog or post or whatever this POS is. Stick to something you know – this is clearly not it.

  10. frank smith

    she will be fired when they get tired of her puxxx.which wont be much longer

  11. Eliott

    Danica is the female version of Dale Jr. Average or below average driver that gets more publicity than they deserve only because they are a fan favorite.


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