Danica Patrick may go a little to far to try and show she is one of the god ole boys of NASCAR. In a recent interview Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said, his mother doesn’t approve of Patrick’s drinking and her choice of words when she talks.

Stenhouse Jr. admitted that Danica likes to consume her wine, and yes she likes to curses too much. I wonder if she tends to curse more when she consumes more of the grape. Some people tend to get mean when they drink.

Patrick already has a hot temper, could you imagine her with a bottle of wine in her? Stenhouse Jr. did say that Patrick is trying to cut down on her crushing. This can’t be an easy thing for her to do. Maybe she should consider what she sounds like when she talks.

She is able to do interviews without the use of her potty mouth. Why can’t she sit and have dinner with Stenhouse’s mother without swearing? Stenhouse also went on to say that Danica is changing him as well.

She has gotten him to drink more wine which he admits he doesn’t like and she also tries to doll him up in expensive designer clothing too.  He admits it is difficult but he goes along with the flow.

I wonder hos long this couple will last. People shouldn’t have to change that much to keep a relationship going. They are wither made to be together or they aren’t. If Stenhouse doesn’t go along with Patrick, she might cuss him out….

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  1. Sam Masiello

    If you saw patrick on Leno…she should be checked for undistend testicles…she has hugew arms and he personality of a man. It’s easy to see that she and Stenhouse are in role reversals. He wears the skirts and she the pants. Her ex husband is lucky to get away from that disgusting creature. Stenhouse, get away from her. Beleve me, you can do better and she can’t..don’t let her grind you down. she’s a real puke of a woman. Her exhusband is th luckiest man in the world to be away from her. She may pose nude? Gag, wretch, puke!!


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