Danica Patrick demonstrated once again, she isn’t qualified to drive a NASCAR. She qualified her car at almost 5 MPH slower than pole winner Jimmie Johnson who averaged 180.654 MPH. Patrick put her car into the 34th position with a speed of 175.860.

The former Daytona Pole winner hasn’t done much since winning the pole on the supper speedway. She lacks the tools to be competitive in NASCAR. It isn’t the equipment. They give her the best week after week.

It is her driving. She can’t get the car up to speed and we have seen it from her on tracks like Indianapolis and Michigan. Patrick is just wasting good equipment.  Her race team works hard to give her the best car they can put on the track and it is becoming a waste of their time.

The sooner Stewart-Haas Racing realizes that Patrick is the wrong choice for a driver the sooner they may get back to winning races. They aren’t going to win putting Patrick in the car and they should be able to see that she isn’t even competitive in the races.

Patrick can’t get the job done and it was a mistake for her to leave Indy car racing and jump into NASCAR.  She should have stayed where she could drive a car that was at the very least competitive. SHe isn’t doing that in NASCAR.

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  1. Perry

    She is worthless. She will never win in this series! Mark my words! Never!

  2. JA Bosley

    LG. But there is one other thing you need to consider. Who gives a **** what you think?

    • LG


    • BarryMaicock1

      Aww thats precious Bosley has a crush on Danica

  3. Tony Joseph

    When she was in IndyCar, Danica got championship level money and gave mostly top 8 finishes. In Cup, she gets top 8 money and gives mostly top 30 finishes. Been seeing this from her since 2005. It’s NOT going to change. BTW GoDaddy’s new CEO said this week they’re “reevaluating” where their racing money will go in the future and will radically change the way they advertise. It’s no coincidence Tony Stewart is running a second GoDaddy car this week. The gleam is off Danicamania’s rose. Another year and a half of this contract for GoDaddy and I expect them to bolt from Princess Sparkle Pony for 2015. They can stay in racing with much better drivers without being with Danica.

    • Paul03

      But She’s ONLY a Rookie and she’s learning. ROFLMAO!

  4. Anonymous

    put ryan newman in it

  5. Smoke

    Who are you,LG?Some gomer from TF? Jeebuz,your preoccupied w writing half-a articles on her ALL THE TIME.She turn you down for the prom? Hack.

  6. brent nowostawski (@brentsn)

    USASports 360 has no business posting a blog by LG. Its a waste of good space. “Danica has no business driving a NASCAR at Pocono” A NASCAR what ???? Whats a NASCAR??? This is the headline that nobody proof read. Nobody knowledgable about racing would write that headline or send it out. My guess is LG is a 5th grade hater and this is a project for summer school. My guess is LG has watched 5 minutes of racing in his lifetime. This blog is written by a hater and 6 out of (9 now) comments are made by people not involved in any way in the sport. Miss Patrick is racing for a team that didn’t exsist until this year. Plus this is a brand new car from NASCAR. This is the 1st year for the Gen6 car. Danica is 1/2 way through her first year in Cup racing. She has a pole,an 8th,and a 12th place finish. Look back in history and see how most rookies perform. You would be shocked at what you find. She was brought up and schooled in open wheel.She’s been racing for 20 years now ,18 in full time open wheel. I’ve followed her for almost 15 of them. You don’t walk into NASCAR and have immediate success. Stenhouse is a 2 time champion in Nationwide. He’s 21st in points in his first year and Danica is 26th. Not much difference.If you don’t like someone just say so. Go Daddy didn’t come around until AFTER her racing turned heads and Bobby Rahal put her in an IndyCar. If you don’t like her,fine,don’t disrespect what she has worked for the last 20 years. She is a racer,don’t let your jealousy blind you because she’s doing something you like to watch from your couch and can’t do yourself.

  7. Rick James

    Stewart is the one that kept her and fired his buddy Newman. Danica will still bring in more sponsorship dollars being the novelty driver than Newman ever could and if anything, Cup racing is all about the dollar.


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