Two races, tow crashes, that’s the way Danica Patrick’s 2014 NASCAR season has started. This time Patrick was collected into a crash by Justin Allgaier. When the crash took place Patrick radioed her crew that,Allgaier was out their driving like a jackass, and she knew they would be involved in a crash.

If that was the case and she knew it, why didn’t she stay away from him? Patrick needs to take the NASCAR course in evasive driving. She has the worst luck when she is racing.

She is never going to win a race, if she can’t get across the finish line. This time she confronted Allgaier following the race in the garage area. Patrick was heated and she verbally blasted Allgaier for crashing her race car.

Patrick then left the race track without talking to the Media. Who can blame her, she had nothing intelligent to say so why make herself look any worse. All we can say, is Tony Stewart better stock up on race cars as long as he continues to employ Danica as one of his drivers.

She is a crash magnet. If a crash is going to happen anywhere near her, she is going to be involved in it. Patrick’s day came to an end when she blew the tire on her race car.

After the garage incident, Allgaier said:

“She was just upset because she got involved in the crash that we had,” “She said she’s been through this and that she felt like I needed to settle down at that point.

“I explained my position on why everything happened. I think she understood where I was coming from. It doesn’t fix either one of our race-cars; it doesn’t fix either one of our days.”

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  1. dodgemanforever

    Danica can’t drive, and Tony don’t know good poop from apple butter. He can’t drive either.

  2. Gayle Hanson

    Danica cannot say anything about anyone else’s driver after all, she took herself out when trying to take someone else out. Who needs to settle down Danica??


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