Another NASCAR race and another crash for Danica Patrick. She sure isn’t going to prove Petty wrong and win a race doing that. Patrick can’t help but to wreak the car.

She is like a crash magnet. She can’t finish a race, because she is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Somehow these wrecks seem to find the Go Daddy Chevrolet and somehow they take Patrick out of the competition.

After a 6-hour rain delay they restarted the Daytona 500 and ran under the lights. Patrick managed to make it until lap 146 when her car was hit by Aric Almirola who sent Patrick into the outside wall.

The chain reaction accident seem to get started when Kevin Harvick drifted up the track and caused the chain reaction that took Patrick out of the competition.

Patrick must live under a black cloud. She is always being collected out on the race track and this limits her chance of ever winning in NASCAR.

Patrick said; “Oh, man. What the hell happened?” when her car came to a stop. Maybe she isn’t aware of what is going on when she is out on the track. Maybe she needs to keep an eye on her mirror a little more often.

Patrick went on to say; “It’s a bummer, but you know that is the excitement of speedway racing that anything can happen, and it was unfortunate that I was on the short end of the accident.”





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  1. Gladys Mendez

    I do not agree that Danica is a crash magnet, it just happens a lot of times that she gets collected in someone else’s crashes, she is not a lucky person in that respect. Danica is not afraid

    • Gladys Mendez

      Danica is not afraid of speed and going fast she used to go way faster with her F1 car.

      • Gladys Mendez

        The F1cars are faster than NASCAR cars so it is not a question of car control because she has been driving for a long time, I just do not like all the negativity towards this woman; and by the way she is not my favorite driver, my driver is Kevin Harvick since 2001. My first favorite years ago was Dale Sr.

      • Anonymous

        she never raced F1

        • Gladys Mendez

          Whatever series she raced in before that I can’t recall its name,those cars were faster and she knew how to control those cars at higher speeds, she knows how to race, it’s a matter of many variables involved, and everything go your way on any given race day. I hope she does win in NASCAR to shut up all her haters.

          • LG

            Danica drove Indy cars before her transition into NASCAR

      • Andrew Treadway

        Danica never drove F1, she drove Indy Car and there is a huge difference there.

  2. Zelda Nichols

    Will you please grow up and stop picking on Danica. She did NOT crash her car, she was crashed into and there was no way she could have avoided it. She was doing really well until some other idiot screwed up and caused a major wreck. Lets see you out there and do any better.

  3. Ken Garceau

    Getting a little tired of the cheap shots at Danica. There are a lot of guy’s who have never won a NASCAR race and have been wrecked because they are in the wrong place. Which includes many winners of big races.

    • LG

      Hey how much would you be sticking up for her if she was not so cute Ken?

  4. kevin j dckman

    i hope that dainca is ok is she is bast nascar lady to im hope she win than that why
    she not get her car she is bad darver kevin j dicknan

  5. Alan

    Let’s see… #3 “got loose” and took out about 7 cars in the next crash… can you imagine the howling if that had been her? And no mention of Harvick that started the wreck that collected #10 when he went up the track.

  6. Harley

    Danica she is a ping pong ball out there. Anything for marketing the sport she’s never going to win a cup race unless its fixed

    • LG

      Now you are a guy who knows what is taking place

  7. MicktheMouse

    Danica is competitive!
    Victories will come.

  8. Phil

    OK.. I am NOT a Danica fan and I don’t believe she would have a cup ride without her looks and sexy advertisements. BUT.. I don’t get the piling on. Harvick started two wrecks in the Daytona (including the you’re talking about). Where’s the snotty article about his driving?

    • Cj

      Lg you need to watch the race and stop posting inaccurate things. Danica did not crash her car. If you actually watched the race Kevin Harvick caused the wreck that took out 13 cars including Danica.

      • LG

        I did see the race, the problem is she is always being collected in a wreck. If she was leading she wouldn’t have that problem. But guess what? She is nver hardly in the lead is she???

  9. faststeven12

    I haven’t seen anything on Dillion causing 2 big wrecks either and he’s the next God of racing. Be fair go after the ones who cause the wrecks, not the ones you’re in envy of for their way of getting into racing. No matter the spin the Dillion boys wouldn’t have gotten where they are without Grandpa because they wouldn’t have had the chance to do well at the lower levels. Enough is enough just give Danica a chance to learn and progress in this sport without people who only can use their initials to write dumb articles


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