Jason Witten is the type of football player you think of when you think of the Dallas Cowboys as America’s Team. Witten takes you back to the days of Dorsett and Roger Staubach, the guys who helped the Cowboys build the dynasty they are today. Witten a player who was moments away from losing his spleen from football related activities wanted to join his team on the field tonight as they did battle with the New York Giants. Even though Witten isn’t ready to play, he wanted to sign a medical waiver to release the Cowboys or the N.F.L. from any legal liabilities. This is a football player, Witten is willing to do anything to help his Cowboys win a game.

Jerry Jones is a lucky owner to have a guy on the Cowboys like Witten, just his presence is going to help the Cowboys play well tonight. HE is an inspiration to his teammates and they all already look up to him. Witten is a guy that shows pure courage and fights for every yard he can get every time he touches the football. Missing tonight’s game is disappointing to Witten and rightfully so, he is a football player and he lives to play football.  The Cowboys are doing the right thing not letting him sign a waiver to get back onto the field yet. Tonight is just one game of a 16 game season. Will the Dallas Cowboys miss Witten on the field? You bet they will. Looking at the big picture the Cowboys will be a better team with Witten in the starting line-up for the other 16 games. This is what is important.  Getting a healthy Witten back is worth his weight in Gold….



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