Sometimes the Brandon Weeden jokes, have a way of writing themselves. Weeden is with the Dallas Cowboys now, and he claims to be learning something from a very smart Tony Romo. After he completely bombed out in Cleveland, we are hoping he can find his way.

The funny part about Weeden, was he never knew the difference,  between being dumb and smart, while he was in Cleveland. Maybe the problem with Weeden’s game, was the lack of a mentor. The Browns had no veteran presence at quarterback. Not in Weeden’s first year anyway. Wallace wasn’t going to show anyone anything, and McCoy wasn’t allowed to do, under the Shurmur regime.

The thing I find, the most humorous about Weeden, is the fact he thinks aggressiveness, is the only way of being successful quarterback in the NFL. Sure there were some great passers, that could hurl the football down field. But when you look at the greats playing the game in the NFL today, they pick you apart with a lot of intermediate stuff.

Weeden should learn to let go of his aggressiveness. He is having a problem understanding how today’s NFL works. The days of the long bomb are gone. Defensive backs and safeties, playing in today’s NFL are just too good.

Romo isn’t a guy to throw a bomb on every play. He is a quarterback, that moves his team down field with short over the middle stuff. Sure once in a while he’ll go for it all. But Weeden wants to go for it all the time.

That is what got him into trouble in Cleveland, and that’s what’s going to get him in trouble in Dallas, if he doesn’t figure it out, long before he gets his chance to play.


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