It started in 2006, the year Dallas Cowboys Full-Back Lawrence Vickers was drafted into the NFL. Lawrence Vickers came into the NFL and played Full-Back for the Cleveland Browns. Vickers brought the full-back position the the lime light in Cleveland. He won the fans over quickly with the way he played the position, Vickers was the lead blocker and believe me, when he led people followed. In 2007 Vikers took over the Full-Back Position full time and he was the primary blocker for Jamal Lewis, with Vickers leading the way Lewis rushed for 1,304 yards that season. The Cleveland Browns acquired Running back Peyton Hillis in a trade from the Denver Broncos and Lawrence Vickers had the duty of opening holes for Hillis. Hillis only had one good year in Cleveland Rushing for 1,176 yards, it was Hillis’s only good year in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns let Lawrence Vickers walk away in 2011 without even offering Vickers a contract. Lawrence Vickers would land on his feet in Houston playing for the Houston Texans where he help lead the Texans to a play-off birth opening holes for Arian Foster who rushed for 1,224 yards last season behind the blocks of Lawrence Vickers.

This season Lawrence Vickers will be playing for the Dallas Cowboys where he will bring Owner Jerry Jones the kind of blue collar football the Cowboys are in need of to return to the days of Cowboys greatness, the days when people opened holes for guys like Tony Dorsett. Vickers is an expert and getting the runners he blocks for into the end-zone. Vickers is an expert at providing just about anything a football team needs to get the job done.

Whether it is lead blocking, special teams, pass protection or being the dump receiver Lawrence Vickers is the guy the Dallas Cowboys need. He brings his hard hitting skills to the field each and every game, Vickers will help the Dallas Cowboys take the field one inch at a time until the football breaks the plane. Jerry Jones knows the pure Blue Collar football this guys plays and he was smart enough to grab Vickers for his Dallas Cowboys before anyone else did.

I look for the Cowboys to turn it around this season with the help of a guy like Lawrence Vickers on their team. Vickers will provide the mush needed extra weapon the Dallas Cowboys needed. He will also provide a veteran leadership young guys coming into the NFL need too. Check out Lawrence Vickers on the Cleveland Sports 360 Show talking Vickers Football, his days with the Browns and the Texans and how much Lawrence Vickers is looking forward to helping the Dallas Cowboys Just Win!!!




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