Who would have thought we see a day when one of the most popular drivers in the history of NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr., couldn’t get a sponsor. It coast millions of dollars to sponsor a NASCAR team, Earnhardt Jr. has always been a fan favorite. Dale Earnhardt Jr. still has 13 races that are not sponsored for 2013, but team owner Rick Hendrick doesn’t seem all that worried. Team owner Hendrick is worth a lot of money, he made a ton of money with all his car dealerships. In the worse case scenario Hendrick could come up with the cash to get Earnhardt Jr. through the 2013 season.

It is just hard to believe that sponsors wouldn’t be lining up to have their name put on Earnhardt Jr.’s car. The guy gets a lot of coverage when he is on the track. I’ll bet before the season starts they have all the sponsors they need. After all this is Dale Earnhardt Jr. who is one of the most popular NASCAR drivers out there.


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