Tony Romo sure looked like a guy that needs some help, Romo needs help from his offensive line to keep the pass rush off  him and he needs some help from his running back to get through the line and get some yards.Romo had a tough nigh against the Raiders, when you look back at the stats this morning it’s hard to believe Romo only attempted 6 passes. It sure looked like Tony Romo was working harder in the game then that. If the Cowboys are going to live up to Jerry Jone’s promise of beating the New York Giants their offense had better get going.

The Cowboys were only able to put three points on the board and they were fortunate their defense was able to intercept a couple of passes off the Raiders. If not the Cowboys could have been beaten. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have plenty of work to do before the season officially opens. The Team’s offense has to improve and Romo will need a little more protection from his offensive line. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys improve before their next pre-season game…

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  1. Thomas Sims

    I am a Cowboy for life. No matter what happens. I know you have hered this a million times, but here we go. Jerry until you learn to become an owner not a GM , we will continue to be what we are now. Underachievers. Thats sad part because we are better than that. Jerry the window is closing, on you. We will never have the right people in place as long as Jerry is there. No one wants to work for him.

    • Anonymous

      how can you go into a season and not have a good line..Wth..he needs to fix it and do it fast or he needs to setp down,.i tired of this and we need a fix quick

  2. Frank Olivas

    I think this game is just what Jason Garett needed to see. His front line of protection for Tony Romo is lacking intensity needed in the NFL today. We don’t care if a rookie or veteran is playing guard or tackle or center. Protection for the quaterback please!!

  3. bake71

    Sit romo down. Please!!

    • Anonymous

      If your are a c-boy fan you should know it’s not Romo DUUUUHHHH.

  4. blanco 1

    Offensive line.We told you so, does not seem JJ listens well.Many of the fans on the official Cowboy Website wrote over and over about the def backfield but alot also about off line, now here we are. Even the starters who are out are not top quality.He expects a guy like Bernadeau to come off of major hip surgery and play in a starting role, I don,t get it. Free is not cutting it.The only one I see with promise is Smith.We are hurtin and JJ keeps on thinking he is a GM, when he has not a clue! GO COWBOYS

    • Anonymous

      Save your breath. JJ knows all and hears nothing.


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