It was 4th and 1 and the Dallas Cowboys needed to convert for a first down to have a chance to win a football game, not only to beat the Cleveland Browns, but to get back to .500 on the season and perhaps make the play-offs in 2012 with a few more wins. The Cowboys offense were faced with a ton of pressure from the Cleveland Browns offense all game long. Romo was has nothing but trouble finding a way to get his team down field and the Cowboys were running out of chances.  Who does the Cowboys quarterback find with an errant throw? Lawrence Vickers the blue collar full back the Cleveland Browns were stupid enough to let walk out of Berea, Ohio 2 years ago. Vickers left the field and got his 6 foot frame airborne to come down with what could very well be his biggest play of his career. Not only did the Dallas Cowboys convert for the first down, Vickers got the chance to stick it to the team that betrayed him just 2 seasons ago.

It was the Lawrence Vickers catch that would enable the Dallas Cowboys to come back from a 13-0 deficit to take away a win the Browns organization thought they had in the bag. Vickers single-handedly  help the Cowboys win this game. It was the great effort Vickers made to come down with the 4th down pass that helped Dallas find the road to victory. Vickers may not make many plays but over the past 2 weeks his efforts have been huge in the Cowboys efforts to win. The effort Vickers puts forth in a game is the reason team Owner Jerry Jones went out and signed Lawrence Vickers.

It has to be bitter-sweet for the Cleveland Browns to watch this game film and see Lawrence Vickers contribution that helped the Cowboys put away the Browns in this game. There is an old saying, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And when the Browns see this game film, they will realize the Mistake they made when they let Lawrence Vickers walk. The Cleveland Browns brass really screwed themselves when they let Vickers go, and it came back to haunt them today….. With the help of Lawrence Vickers the Dallas Cowboys were able to come back and beat the Cleveland Browns in over-time 23-20.



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