The Dallas Cowboys face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. The Cowboys will be looking to improve their record to .500 with a win. Fro one Cowboys player there has to be no better feeling in the world than performing well against the team that just let you walk out. The Cleveland Browns let Lawrence Vickers walk away from Cleveland after he was the work horse for the team and the main man responsible for the only decent season Peyton Hillis ever had as a professional. The year Hillis was elected as the Madden cover buy it was none other than Lawrence Vickers who led the way for Hillis. With Vickers blocking and busting heads that season Hillis rushed for nearly 1200 yards, HE has never performed that well since being separated from the man who moved people out of his way.

Viskers was a key reason Josh Cribbs was able to bust so many kick-offs and punt returns for touchdowns too. When ever you saw Cribbs breaking one loose it was Vickers who was making the ley blocks. Lawrence Vicker was the iron-man of the Cleveland Browns. He was the blue collar guy that was down in the trenches making things happen. The Browns thanked him by letting him go. It is no wonder the Cleveland Browns franchise was voted by NFL players as the worst franchise to play for in the NFL.

Sunday night when the Cowboys played the Eagles, Lawrence Vickers showed he still has what it takes to be a premier full-back in the NFL. Vickers made a couple of key receptions coming out of the back-field that enabled the Dallas Cowboys to keep some drives alive. If Vickers has the chance to do some things against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday you better believe he will do them right.  There is nothing in the world a professional athlete likes better than showing their former team they have made a terrible mistake. That is what Lawrence Vickers has been able to do since his departure from Cleveland, and I for one look for it to continue this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Cleveland Browns.


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