Sure Kyle Orton threw the interception that brought the Dallas Cowboys season to an end. But you can’t place the blame on another failed season on him. Tony Romo had a season of 8 wins.

Romo is the guy who placed the Cowboys in danger of being eliminated from the play offs and that is exactly what happened. Now the season for the Cowboys is over. You can say Romo is the guy all you want too.

The fact is, Romo can’t get it done and he makes mistakes that cost the team a chance to make it to post season play. How many times does Jerry Jones need to see the same results to understand, Romo is not a premier NFL quarterback.

Orton was set up to fail by the guy Jones paid millions of dollars to before the season began. The Cowboys suffered defensively as well. But when you look at the NFL great quarterbacks, they are able to put more points on the board than their opponents.

This isn’t the case with Tony Romo and had he played in last nights game against the Eagles, the game would have probably been over long before the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Romo would have made more mistakes than Orton did. Romo always has a way of choking in the big games. Last night was a big game and Kyle Orton did what he could to try to extend the Cowboys season.

Romo didn’t do enough and the results of missing the play offs should fall on his shoulders.


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