Sure Kyle Orton threw the interception that brought the Dallas Cowboys season to an end. But you can’t place the blame on another failed season on him. Tony Romo had a season of 8 wins.

Romo is the guy who placed the Cowboys in danger of being eliminated from the play offs and that is exactly what happened. Now the season for the Cowboys is over. You can say Romo is the guy all you want too.

The fact is, Romo can’t get it done and he makes mistakes that cost the team a chance to make it to post season play. How many times does Jerry Jones need to see the same results to understand, Romo is not a premier NFL quarterback.

Orton was set up to fail by the guy Jones paid millions of dollars to before the season began. The Cowboys suffered defensively as well. But when you look at the NFL great quarterbacks, they are able to put more points on the board than their opponents.

This isn’t the case with Tony Romo and had he played in last nights game against the Eagles, the game would have probably been over long before the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Romo would have made more mistakes than Orton did. Romo always has a way of choking in the big games. Last night was a big game and Kyle Orton did what he could to try to extend the Cowboys season.

Romo didn’t do enough and the results of missing the play offs should fall on his shoulders.


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  1. Harry Lingo

    What a poor excuse for reporting. Romo is not the cause of failure so don’t be so stupid in your reporting. The problem is two-fold. A defense that can’t get off of the field and an offensive line that cannot protect Romo. Knock off this blaming of Romo.

    • LG

      Romo lost too many games. He threw interceptions late in the game and lost because of it. He is a poor excuse for a quarterback

      • Anonymous

        poor guy doent even play and still gets the blame. how many other quarterbacks threw interceptions at the end of games but never here anything about that. Maybe you should look at the owner

        • LG

          You’re right, the Owner has his own problems as well….

      • Jennifer

        Jerry Jones needs to wake up and get rid of Romo and jarrett. There not getting us progress to getting another superbowl ring and making the cowboys look like a bunch of losers

      • Anonymous

        only 2 games that they lost were the result of romo interceptions. at least 4 wins were the direct result of romo making it happen at the end of the game. it is about time to get off the ‘its romo’s fault’ bullshit.

        • LG

          that is 2 games that could have placed them into the play offs

    • NeoGeo

      It is a team effort, but Romo is the leader of the team. When he gives the ball up at the worst times it falls on him. Of course it is a team effort. And the team not always does their part or certain individuals don’t. Jason can call the plays but it is the players doing their job that shows the result of doing or not doing their job. Romo has a knack of being wormy as in not getting hammered when the pocket collapses which is a plus for him. But he isn’t a premier QB. isn’t even half the QB Peyton Manning is when he was hurt. Or even a Drew Breese. It isn’t all OhNo Romo’s fault but a big share of the turnovers are i.e. interceptions. If someone really needs to be fired it is the GM. But you know that’s not going to happen.

  2. WY

    Really? You really believe Romo set the team up for failure? It’s a team sport and the Cowboys as a team set themselves up for failure if anything, from JJ all the way down. However, if it wasn’t for Romo, there would not have been a NFC East championship game last night. For all his faults, he gives the Cowboys the best chance to win. He may not be an elite quarterback, but outside of those so called elite quarterbacks any other team in the league would LOVE to have Romo. Cowboys fans should be grateful to have a quarterback who positions them each and every year to make the playoffs, even if he doesn’t follow through. It’s amazing how people forget just how TERRIBLE the Cowboys were after Troy Aikman retired and one quarterback after another came and went. Romo is no Joe Montana or Peyton or Brady. He is who is. A decent quarterback who makes mistakes but will fight through pain and TREMENDOUS scrutiny to try and win a game each and every week. Give him a defense that can stop a pee wee football team or an offensive coordinator who knows the value of a run game. Til then, get off the guys back. As long as JJ is running this team nobody, including Romo, will win anything in Dallas.

    • LG

      He sure didn’t help them win did he? 8 games he has to do better than that to be considered a franchise QB. They paid him like he is a franchise QB but he never plays like one.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll never understand people like you, LG. An undrafted free agent comes in, gets a shot, and breaks nearly every record of a franchise that has some of the best QB’s ever and you hate on him. And you say he always crumbles in clutch time? Then why is he the all time leader for Cowboys QB’s in 4th quarter comebacks. Yeah he hasn’t won much when it comes to playoff time, but I’d rather be watching a team that has a shot than a team that you know is gong to suck every year. Romo’s played with broken ribs, a broken hand, and now a herniated disk and still managed to pull of wins. He gives everything to the team even though his “fans” don’t appriciate him. But I guess it’s like they say – haters gonna hate.

        • LG

          Why can’t he win a play off game then

    • kathy

      Really, “that’s really stupid “grateful” for what? since your 100 million dollar QB cannot – has not in 10 seasons made it past the first round. Romo should be mad at Dallas for pressuring him to be an elite QB when he is a so- so QB

  3. Anonymous

    No I cant blame room for this loss, but him and the D line are to blame for the crap of season they put up ,the D line couldn’t stop a high school team. romo jus tdoes romo and falls apart in the last moments of a game. but all the blame should fall on the great GM we have JJ, when he fires himself and hires a real GM we will see a winning season again, until then it will be 8-8 or worst every year. It was heart breaking last night . still love my cowboys

  4. Mizunomann

    LG your report is absolutely absurd. I realize you have to write something and you have your rights to opinion but to blame this solely on Romo shows you really just are writing to hear yourself. The problem of consistently average seasons has to start with management and then coaching. Romo gets put in too many games where he is expected to pull a rabbit out of his helmet. This results from poor coaching and understanding of game management. I can name more games they lost by poor coaching than Romo. Game management is coaching means understanding the situation and reacting accordingly. It also means from day one to select and form a team that is capable. The g.m. Has failed terribly in this area. Everyone can pick a number 1 but you really have to understand what you can get in the later rounds. Next you need to select the right coaching and schemes that your players will excel in. Defense was a huge fault this year. Because you have failure on side when you can’t hold a lead you then turn to the other side to always bail you out. We’ll it’s rare that any offense can consistently score with every possession. It just doesn’t happen. If you understand the nfl then you would know that offense will win you games but defense wins you championships. It’s that simple. If you didn’t have to be put in a position to always have to score than you don’t have anything to write about.

    • LG

      Romo is no the team leader the Cowboys need

      • Anonymous

        LG, do you get paid to write these columns? I’ve always been a little interested in being a writer, and if this garbage you write gets ou paid then I know I can do it too.

        • LG

          Feel free to write one anytime you want to and submit it to me and I would be glad to publish it. You should see the instructions on how to submit to the right of the articles…..

          • GEMINIJ


          • Anonymous

            Romo puts up 31, 30 and 48 losses all 3 because couldn’t stop them. Detroit Lion game and Green Bay are coaches fault game management. Romo lost games because of defense period. LG you must have been of those guys that was bitter cause you were a backup all your life

  5. Spatacus would love the Cowboys

    wow really Romo has made mistakes sure, but for the past 5 yrs its the defensive secondary that hurts MOST of all sorry don’t & havent seen Romo play defense YET the coaches can coach & take some blame but 50 mill for carr & he is barely mediocre if the Boys can get a defense the “team” will win championships.btw L.G have ya ever played a team sport? & just for reference I think this is J.J.’s curse interceptions late in the 4th sold his soul & everyone know our Lord loves the Cowboys.

  6. Anonymous

    What a bs article! So you just blind to the fact he closed out the last game week and assumed he gone choke this GTFOH!

  7. shadownet2014

    ok let’s be honest it’s all jerry jones fault he needs to stay out of the jocks and socks

  8. shadownet2014

    also need to wonder if his back has been hurting longer then it was reported
    i can think of a few times he didn’t seem at his best

  9. Anonymous

    The guy that wrote this is an idiot! They had the worst Defence in the NFL.


    Whoever wrote this article should not be doing this for a living. You are so ignorant to say that this whole season is Romo’s fault, when the Cowboys had that last ranked defense in the league. Good call buddy, you’re fantastic at your job.

    • LG

      Are you kidding me? Romo led the Cowboys to 8 wins. He never comes through in a big game. He makes incredible mistakes and he cost the team wins.Look at th way Tom Brady or Peyton Manning lead their teams. Brady had nothing to throw to but yet he wins.

  11. Britt

    I think Kyle Orton played very well for the short time he had to prepare …I blame the play calling on this with 2 timoe outs left why didn’t they run the bal and thow it when they had too so what if the eagles defense would know!! You do what you need to do to win.
    The Cowboys only needed a field goal to win it eh! I’m not sure about nest year if I’ will be Cowboys fan or not?

  12. Britt

    Kyle Orton did a great job filling in for Romo, I think it was the play calling that did them in, with what 10 sec still on the clock with 2 time outs left…why didn’t they try running the ball and pass on 3& 4 down we only needed a field goal to win it. eh! the play calling is the blame for not getting into the platoffs I blame the coaches on both sides of the Ball. not Romo or Klye or the Defense.

  13. JW


  14. Anonymous

    Romo was #1 in fourth quarter comebacks last year.

  15. JW


  16. JW


  17. chris

    how on earth can you blame romo?! he put his team in a position to make the postseason WITH THE WORST DEFENSE IN THE NFL…..

  18. Dumbass Writer

    Wow LG! I totally agree with you! I mean how can Romo only average 27.7 points a game with the stellar offensive line, unstoppable RBs and all-world receivers that he has to play with??? There were only 41 different defensive starters that played this year plus the three that never made it out training camp! Romo should have been playing those spots too if he really wanted to win! I’m sure he could’ve done much better than the guy they brought in from the Piggly Wiggly two days before the “big game”!!! This year’s defense had about the same stopping power as an earthen dam in N.O. during Hurricane Katrina (works fine until it gets wet, then it dissolves), but that’s Romo’s fault too! What else can we blame on Romo??? Ah, global warming, the shitty economy, Obamacare… I mean O-Romocare, 9-11, you being born. Those are just a few off the top of my head… Maybe you can come up with a few more. Moron!!!

  19. CAF

    Your an idiot, they don’t even come close to 8 wins without Romo. Try sticking with the relevant facts when you write instead of inserting your overinflated opinion of your knowledge of football.

  20. Reggie

    If Romo goes 28/30, 350 yd, 4 td’s, 0 int, does that gaurentee a win? NO! It is a team game. If not Romo then who can they get that is better? NO ONE!

  21. MW

    You Are an IDIOT! Try writing about a sport you understand like maybe checkers. When a defense is last in the league and giving up over 400 yards a game, that is the problem!

  22. Glenn

    This has to be worst reporting and story I have read. You cannot blame this on Romo. If It was not for Romo Dallas might have had the 1st pick in the draft next year. The Defense was horrible.Kyle Orton Played a great game. The Defense has let them down all year. You should not have to score 50+ points to win a ball game. Defense has to step up sometime. So quit you job and go to work as a bag boy because your reporting skill suck

  23. Jacob

    You are a complete moron. The team would have won 2-3 games total without Romo.

  24. Brad

    Go look at the Cowboys final stats for the year they were beat by their opponent in just about every defensive category on the list!!! That’s solely a defensive issue. Jump back and forth between every other team and compare QB’s, Romo did everything needed to win ballgames and put them in the playoffs. Now I didn’t take the time but I’m pretty confident if you look at the last 3 years same story. Silly Silly Silly.

  25. horaciusl

    this guy is living under the hate rock… romo, or any quarterback cant win or lose games because football is a team sport. Now dont waste my time with this crap again


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