Morris Claiborne the Dallas Cowboys new Corner-Back has already obtained the label of one of the best Corner-backs coming out of college in a ling time. Tonight the Cowboys hope he starts to earn the title of being one of the elite corners in the NFL. The Cowboys secondary needed help, in the 2012 draft the Cowboys took a big step in addressing that problem. They drafted the best college corner back in some tie, Morris Claiborne. When Eli Manning drops back to pass and he tries to thread one of his patented passes down field you can bank on the fact he will be thinking about the whereabouts of Morris Claiborne.

With Claiborne in the Dallas secondary Manning faces a challenge in tonight’s game. Claibrone is just dieing to get his hands on one of Manning’s passes and return it. Claiborne comes into his first season in the NFL wanting to play both ways if you remember him making that statement when he reported to the Cowboys after the draft. One way he could get his wish is to become a receiver of one of Eli’s passes. The Giants have to give this kid the respect he deserves. If Manning goes to test Claiborne he could soon regret it.  I think Manning will proceed with caution, that’s for sure. As far as Claiborne is concerned I’ll bet he throws caution to the way side and plays the game the way he knows how. I think he will make an immediate impact in the NFL….

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