The Seattle Seahawks played one heck of a football game against the Colts. They lost but it doesn’t take away from how great Russell Wilson played. He just needed a little more time from his offensive line to complete the passes needed to put the game winning drive together.

The Seahawks offensive line have been the weak link of the team all season long. Pete Carroll touched on the subject after the Seahawks just beat the Panthers to open the season. The Seahawks offensive line need to take a lesson on intensity from their quarterback.’

Wilson leaves it all on the field in every game. He give it more than the 100% that the team requires and he makes things happen most of the time. The defenses the Seahawks face are focused on stopping Wilson and that is one more reason the team’s offensive line needs to step up and give Wilson a little more protection.

If they could just get him another second or 2 at times, he would hardly ever lose a game. The Seahawls were undefeated before taking on the Colts, and now they have lost their first game. When the team sits down to watch the film, they are going to see the offensive line needs to play a little harder.

It isn’t like they suck because they don’t. They just need to elevate their level to catch up to Wilson’s level. Because of his athletic abilities, Wilson sets the bar high. The Seahawks offense line has to pick it up just to be able to remain on the same page as Wilson.

If they can do that, this team would be unstoppable. They are already close, they don’t need much, but a better performance from the offensive line would make this offense unbeatable I’ll bet. Carroll knows it and sooner or later he will figure it out. When he does the rest of the NFL better look out.

The Seahawks will run over them. It is a shame they lost to the Colts today 34-28. If the O-line could have given a little more, the Seahawks would still be undefeated. Even with injuries the next guy has to step up and do his job. There are no excuses at this level.

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  1. Tyson Rohrer

    there are no excuses at this level but yet you just made one. that the seahawks would have won if the offensive line played better. Its redundant posting an article where you contradict yourself don’t ya think?

    • LG

      No I don’t think so.

  2. jm

    that had to be the dumbest analysis of a seahawks game I have ever read. You are aware that they line was missing 4 starters, right? You are aware that the db’s played a bad game, right? Intensity will not make an NFL player elite, they either have it or they dont and Lem, bowie, wilson, and the other dipshit just don’t have the talent to protect DangeRuss. Stop trying to pretend you know what you are talking about, dipshit.

    • shawn kennedy

      great article


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