The New England Patriots didn’t need to see their star quarterback Tom Brady leave practice with a possible knee injury. We already know that Ryan Mallett was hurt last week and this could leave the only healthy quarterback on the New England Patriots roster, Tim Tebow.

Could it be possible that Tebow starts the season playing quarterback for Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots. God works in mysterious ways they say. Wouldn’t that be something for all the fans that were bad rapping Tebow just a week ago to have to root for the guy who would be left trying to take the team into the play offs.

The Patriots would be lost without Brady. He and Belichick have been a team for many years now. He is the guy the Patriots have relied on for several seasons but like they say, all things must come to an end. Of course we could be jumping way ahead of ourselves here.

We haven’t heard to what extent Brady’s knee is injured. It could just be a little strained and he could return to the next practice. But it could come down to Tebow if Brady’s knee is injured worse than we think. With Tebow running the New England offense, you just have to wonder what would happen.

Lets hope Brady is going to be fine. But remember, if he isn’t, Tebow did take the Broncos to the play offs. He could do the same for New England….

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