Eli Manning took a beating at the hands of the Carolina Panthers defense. He was sacked 7 time and only threw for 119 yards in the game. If someone would have told you the New York Giants would be off to a 0-3 season in 2013 you would have tried to have them committed.

But one look at the record confirms just how poorly the Giants have played this season. The reality is the Giants are off to an 0-3 start. There is no answer in sight as to fixing the problem. Is is clear by the beating that Manning took in the game the Giants offensive line is not doing its job this season.

If they can’t protect Manning and give him time to throw the football, they can’t win. If they can’t protect Manning they had better start coming up with a plan B. Because Manning won’t make it through the season.

He is taking a beating in every game this year, he doesn’t have time to throw the football and the Giants can’t make plays without Manning throwing the football. The team has got to come up with a solution to their pass protection.

Hell, they better come up with a plan to become a football team again. Not only us their passing game suffering there isn’t a rushing game either. The Defense is screwed up and their personal is not getting the job done.

At 0-3 it is hard to imagine the Giants to come back and have a decent season. it could be over for the Giants already. The team shows no spunk and they are playing like crap. We can’t sugar coat it, it is what it is, a terrible football team at this point of the season.

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  1. Mark

    I think Coughlin has lost control of the team. The offense and defensive coordinators suck and no running game. Oh Bradshaw rushed for 95 yds.

  2. Ron Williamson

    They should have picked up Spagnola when they had a chance.


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