Let’s hope the baseball cognoscenti (and sportswriters) don’t make Bud Selig out to be a sympathetic Father Figure by crafting some flawed story that he cleaned up the sport via Balco and Biogenesis before he left office.

Please don’t forget that the former Milwaukee used car salesman looked the other way after Ken Caminiti made his claim—even before Jose Canseco did—that as many as 70% of his peers were PED abusers.

But once baseballs began flying out of stadiums like Saturn-5 rockets from Cape Kennedy Selig opted for damage control—electing to make Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa the poster children for an offense that was far more widespread than he wanted any of the paying fans to believe.

THAT ought to be Bud Selig’s legacy since his negligence, according to the Mitchell Report, helped contribute to the inflated home-run totals (as well as to every other type of base hit as far as I’m concerned, since steroids would allow any hitter to get his bat through the zone quickly enough to make contact with pitches he might not catch up to otherwise…)

All of that, in turn, would affect the so-called sanctity of records (which Bud professed to care so much about) in a number of ways. But, being typically shortsighted, BS chose to narrow his focus to taters since taking other consequences into account probably would involve too much thinking (and embarrassment).


The second half of this season is going to be verrrry interesting, just not in the way that Bud hoped, I’m afraid



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