Could it be the Los Angeles Lakers took the advice of Phil Jackson who said the Lakers were not using Dwight Howard correctly in l.A. that helped him have one of his best games as a Laker so far? Jackson who came out the other day said the team wasn’t using Howard’s strong points correctly, he said they need to get the ball to Howard within 10 feet of the basket. Last night Howard helped the Lakers win against the Boston Celtics. Not only did they beat the Celtics the Lakers blew them out of the game 113-99.

Dwight Howard scored 24 points in the game and had 12 rebounds. Kobe only scored 16 but had to be impressed by the strong play he saw coming from his teammate Howard. We are just hours away from the NBA trade deadline and Howard said he wants to stay in L.A. and remain a Laker. If he keeps performing the way he did in last nights game the Lakers would be foolish to trade him. Maybe it took Phil Jackson coming forward with his observations to turn things around in L.A.  Within hours we will see if Howard remains in L.A.


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