The last thing anyone wanted to see was 38-year-old Tim Hudson suffer a season ending injury the way he did. As he and Mets base-runner Eric Young raced for the first base bag, Young stepped on Hudson’s ankle causing it to bend almost 90 degrees. The ankle snapped immediately and he went down like a ton of bricks.

He will undergo surgery to repair the ankle but who knows how much this injury is going to bother him as he tries to pitch. A pitcher needs good legs when they are on the mound. They push off with their legs and they land on their legs too. At 38-years-old, it takes longer for the body to heal.

You have to wonder if Hudson can come back after suffering an injury like this. The Braves are going to miss him for the rest of the 2013 season. He gave them quality starts and he was a guy they could count on to give them some good pitching. Hudson was able to tell Young not to worry about him.

He knew this was nothing more than a terrible freakish accident that happens when you play the game hard. Before he was helped off the field he told Young to continue to play the game hard and to keep his head up. It shows what a class act Hudson is.

Even when the guy was in terrible pain, he was able to lift the spirits of a competitor. Lets hope Hudson can come back from a blow like this.

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