When New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda came out of the bull-pen with pine tar on his neck, where in the world was the Yankees manager and the teams pitching coach? There is now way Joe Girardi  should have let this ejection happen.

How could the Yankees manager not see the pine tar all over the neck of Pineda? It was all over the television broadcast. Anyone who wasn’t blind could spot it and anyone could have realized Pineda was trying to gain an edge.

This is one of the most blatant attempts at cheating I have ever saw. Pineda should have just painted a sign on the front of his jersey, stating he was trying to cheat.

Not only did he make a poor attempt at it, he was tossed before for trying to cheat. How many times is this going to happen to Pineda before he gets suspended? Girardi is to blame for this too. He should be talking to Pineda and telling him that the umpires are on to his poor attempts to cheat.

After the first time he was caught, one would think the Yankees coaching staff would have had a talk with their pitcher. This should have never been allowed to take place in last nights game. The manager and the pitching coach, both should have had this straightened out by now.

It was such a poor attempt, that it is funny. How could Pineda, Girardi and everyone in a Yankees uniform think Pineda was going to get away with it?

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