Trent Richardson finds himself in a spot, where he has to defend the way he is playing. Richardson the man the Colts were stupid enough to give up a first round pick for, hasn’t made a huge impact for the Colts.

Originally taken as the 3rd overall pick by the Cleveland Browns, Richardson hasn’t exactly made a huge impact in the NFL. Former Browns great Jim Brown said it best.

As soon as Richardson was drafted, Brown said he was just an average running back. The truth is Richardson has been a less than average running back in the NFL.

The first thing Richardson said when he was drafted, was how much the money was going to help him and his family. The money was his motivating factor. He wasn’t the guy standing up and telling people how he was excited about being drafted in the NFL, he was the guy standing up and telling everyone how glad he was to get paid.

Through 10 games in the 2013 season, Richardson has less than 380 rushing yards. That’s pathetic for a guy who was the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

He is averaging just 2.8 yards per carry since the Colts traded away a first round pick to bring him to Indianapolis. Now, he finds himself in the excuse making business.

Richardson finds himself in the position of a professional excuse maker. He wants people to think he is playing well, he wants people to think he is one of the NFL greats.

He is delusional, he has to know the numbers speak for themselves. His numbers are less than acceptable for a player that was taken that high in the draft.

Lets face it, Richardson was all about the money, and he could really care less about his performance as long as he gets his money. This is what was important to Trent Richardson.

Enjoy it now Trent, no NFL team is going to offer you a big pay-day once your contract expires. Not with the way you perform.

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