The Indianapolis Colts played a heck of a game with the Steelers last night. The First half could have seen the number one draft choice of the Colts choke a bit, that wasn’t the case for Andrew Luck. The Steelers were able to intercept the young quarterback 2 times. While most rookies might have fell apart Luck seemed to get more focused. All he did was march his Colts down the field and then he even scrambled into the end-zone himself to score his Colts a touchdown. This Andrew Luck is one heck of a quarterback and if he can stay healthy he is going to be doing great things for the Colts.

Luck who grew up watching his here Peyton Manning the 4 time NFL MVP lead his Colts to glory has had no problems stepping in and emulating the living legend at all. Luck throws a couple of picks then has the ability to shake it off and move his Colts right back in the game, much like Manning did for years with the Colts. Luck will have his shot at a MVP soon I would think. Andrew Luck knows the importance of getting the Colts wins now. He knows there are guys on this team that don’t have the time to wait around to watch a rookie quarterback develop.

The way that Andrew Luck has played in the preseason it doesn’t look like the wait is going to be long at all. This kid Andrew Luck seems to be ready for prime time now. His performance on the field so far, has shown why he was the number one pick in the 2012 draft. The Colts have the chance to be a much improved team this season with Andrew Luck playing at the Q.B. position. The Indianapolis Colts are in for an interesting season.

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