The Indianapolis Colts lost to the San Diego Chargers 19-9. The big story isn’t the way Andrew Luck played, it is how disappointing Trent Richardson continues to perform in a Colts uniform.

40 yards of rushing in his fourth game with the team, Richardson dropped passes and  continues to struggle trying to run the football. The Colts gave up a first round draft pick for the guy that team owner Jim Irsay thought would help him build his so called dynasty.

How is that trade looking to you Colts fans now. 4 games and Richardson hasn’t broken the 200 yard rushing mark yet. The guy is a joke when it comes to big-time NFL running backs and he should have payed attention to Chargers RB Ryan Mathews, maybe he could have learned how you are suppose to do it.

Mathews rushed for 102 yards against the Colts defense. He knows how to hit the holes running and doesn’t do his little dances that let the defense contain him.

The trade is making it look more and more like Cleveland pulled one over on the the Colts. It is almost like they sold Irsay a car that doesn’t run very well. In this case they sold him a running back that doesn’t run very well.

Richardson ranks 34th in rushing this season, that is a joke for a guy who was the 3rd overall pick in the NFL draft in 2012.



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  1. Kinder

    3.8??? more like 2.2

  2. Anonymous

    Well, well, well

  3. ron

    looks good

  4. Anonymous

    Colts fans like him just fine. He’s running better than Bradshaw, who lasted maybe 2 games, and Ballard, who is out injured. So, we’ll take it. And it’s not like we gave up the #1 pick for him. We’ll see who Cleveland actually takes with that 1st round pick and how well that works out for them.

    • Anonymous

      Ya might want to remove them rose colored glasses man, and yes you did give up a first round pick for him maybe not THE #1 pick, BUT nontheless a first rounder! you guys were snookered!…what were you smoking! and I hate to tell ya this, but once the Browns find their franchise QB…the Colts and teams like them WILL have their hands full…MARK MY WORDS!!

  5. bmatt151

    Back with Faulk and then Edgerrin they were a running team. After that they became a passing team. The line needs to learn how to run again because now they have no push, no great openings. Trent is a good back but he can’t open the holes too. He’s pretty darn good when he does get an opening.

  6. Esse

    He had one dropped pass, and 40 yards on 10 carries isn’t bad.

  7. James Drake

    He’s killing my Fantasy Football team!


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