By Larry GLicken

The San Francisco 49ers didn’t get the play they expected out of their quarterback Colin Kaepernick. To be truthful, he played terrible on the biggest stage of the 2013 season.

Kaepernick said it best in his post game news conference, he knew his play wasn’t good, and he knew you aren’t going to beat the Seahawks when you perform this poorly.

This wasn’t the Colin Kaepernick Jim Harbaugh thought he was going to get in the NFC Championship game. He was basically a non factor in the game. You could say he even helped the Seattle Seahawks win to advance to the Super Bowl with his poor play.

The 49ers needed one key drive at the end of the game, and Kaepernick wasn’t capable of providing it. He threw interceptions and one of those was a throw many questioned what the quarterback was seeing out on the field.

This wasn’t a typical Kaepernick performance. He usually plays at a higher level and he wasn’t capable of doing that in Seattle.

Did his nerves finally show up and get the best of him? We may never know what his problem was, but what we do know is, we won’t see Kaepernick until next season and he is going to suffer a long off-season wondering about what went wrong with his performance in the NFC Championship game.


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