The San Fransisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons to gain a Super Bowl appearance. Colin Kaepernick completed 16 of 21 passes for 233 yards to get his 49ers a win. The Falcons came into the game looking for a win to gain their spot in the Super Bowl, it wasn’t going to happen. The 49ers were just too tough. Kaepernick had a good game and he found his receivers when he had to. Michael Crabtree who came into the game thinking about a police investigation caught 6 passes for 57 yards.

Vernon Davis had a great game, Kaepernick found him 5 times for 106 yards. The 49ers looked poised to beat the Falcons and they did it. Randy Moss did what he could to help Kaepernick, Moss had 3 catches for 46 yards. Colin Kaepernick did a great job spreading the ball around. He rushed for 21 yards on 2 carries, this kid doesn’t make any mistakes. He didn’t throw any interceptions and he played like a seasoned veteran.

The 49ers rushing game was working well too. Frank Gore gained 90 yards on 21 carries. The 49ers looked like they could dominate in all areas of the game in Atlanta. This season when Jim Harbaugh started Kaepernick over Alex Smith people thought he was nuts. How nuts do those 49ers fans think Harbaugh is now? The guy will be labeled as a genius. Jim Harbaugh has led his San Fransisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in only his second year of coaching the team. Starting Colin Kaepernick is now the face of the San Fransisco 49ers and he could be for years to come.


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