No four-figure penalty is ever going to be punitive enough to a centi-millionaire to discourage the habit of flopping. Since pulling the wool over the eyes of a game official by faking an infraction secures possessions for the faker’s team that his team didn’t earn, it affects the outcome of the game—especially if it’s done repeatedly.

For that reason alone the perpetrator should not only be fined more heavily, if I was the commissioner of the NBA I’d take a page from the NHL and penalize the flopper by having him spend some time on the bench (say, a ten minute “misconduct” penalty for a first offense).

If David Stern is serious about cleaning up his sport he’d implement a plan like that without delay. And I guarantee that the first time a player sits out a portion of the game, that would help considerably And if that were done in addition to being fined, say, $50,000, I think the habit of flopping will disappear almost overnight. At the very least  the offending party would think twice about it, which is, after all, the idea, isn’t it??

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