Cleveland Cavaliers owner knew it was going to take time to rebuild a winning team, what Gilbert didn’t know was how many times the team would be embarrassed by their total lack of defense on their way back to being competitive. The Cavaliers are in a losing streak, I don’t think Gilbert minds the losses as much as he minds the total lack of team defense. The Cavaliers have been getting blown out as of late. Sure the Cavaliers are in a seven game losing streak and the team isn’t playing great Basketball. The fact the Cavs have failed to play decent defense has gotten to Dan Gilbert.

Gilbert sent a tweet; “One of those nights where I can’t find the words to match the emotions (at least non-profane words). Cavs fans deserve better. Much better.” Gilbert is right the Cavs fans do deserve better than what the team is getting them. The fans are supporting the team and sure some players have gone down with injuries, the point is they have got to find a way to play some defense. I am sure both Gilbert and head Coach Byron Scott are not happy with the teams defensive performance these days.


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