Great news has hit the Indianapolis area this season, first the Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is in remission, secondly the Indianapolis Colts are back to winning football games. The Clots players got a visit this weekend from the team’s head coach who has been in the hospital fighting for his life. Pagano appeared upbeat as he talked to his team and the Colts received his gameness well and went out and took care of business on the football field. It was the best performance Colts fans have witnessed this season both on and off the field.

Seeing the Colts head coach up and around has inspired this Colts team. Pagano even thinks he will return to the Indianapolis side-lines this season. The Colts fans and the team think this is great. To see Andrew Luck go out and throw for 433 yards and get the teams 5th win on the season would lift anyone’s spirits. This performance could be just what the doctors have ordered for the Colts and their head coach.

Andrew Luck continues to impress the fans in Indianapolis. He finds a way to get the job done and if he continues to get the job done the Colts could very well make the play-offs this season. The team has 8 games left to play this season and if they can win 5 of those games they could be in post season play. Nothing would help Pagano more that seeing that. The Colts would inspire their head coach to get healthy quick. The team and the coach are feeding off each other right now and it is great to see them both doing well.

The way the Colts are playing this season, lots of people have to be feeling better and in Indianapolis the depression over last season is getting lifted. Lets hope for a great story for a great franchise and their head coach. Nothing would be better than seeing a complete turn-a-round for all parties involved. Pagano is an inspiration to everyone. Get back to great health soon Chuck…..



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