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Chris Davis has now racked up sixteen RBI’s in the season’s first four games—something I’m tolerably certain no player in the history of baseball has ever done, at least not in the modern era.

Yet all I hear about on Sports Center or read in the newspapers is how magnificent his four homeruns in the first four games are.

As far as I know, at least two other players have hit four homers at the season’s start, but at least one of them was a PED user. As impressive as Davis’ taters are, in my view not enough is being made of his RBI total—especially since the majority of them have come when the game was still in the balance.…

Texas may yet regret giving up on this guy in favor of Mitch Moreland, as I’ve said on many occasions…Chris is as strong as Adam Dunn–and a hell of a lot better at making contact than his counterpart in the Windy City


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