Chip Kelly isn’t being realistic if he doesn’t want to talk about rebuilding the Philadelphia Eagles. First of all he is bringing in an entirely new offense into the NFL. Secondly, he is the new head coach of a team that finished the 2012 season with a 4-12 record.

The Eagles stunk last year. If they didn’t Kelly wouldn’t be the new head coach of the team. He has to be wondering whether his new offense is going to work in the NFL. When Kelly hired his offensive coordinator red flags went up.

The guy hires a guy and gives him the OC title who is a proven loser in the NFL. Then there is the Eagles QB controversy that Kelly is facing. Some members of the team think Kelly should name his starter before training camp starts.

How stupid is that? The guy hasn’t seen enough from his guys yet to name a starter. Sometimes it takes a couple of preseason games to see how your guys are going to perform under pressure. Not only will Kelly’s guys be felling the pressure of the opposing team’s defense, they are faced with the pressures of implementing Chip Kelly’s offense.

Whether Kelly wants to admit it or not, the Eagles are in a rebuilding year. His new offense is either going to work, or fail. He is going to have to make some tough choices before the season starts to give his team  the best chance to succeed.

If that isn’t rebuilding I don’t know what is. Kelly had better face the facts before the season starts. The Eagles are in a rebuilding year.



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