Chip Kelly, the offensive innovator certainly didn’t have his Eagles offense ready for the wild card play offs. Nick Foles and his Eagles offense looked helpless in their play off game against the New Orleans Saints.

Kelly who was known as an  offensive genius looked helpless for most of the game last night. How could the Eagles with Foles playing QB not score any points in the 1st quarter?

The Eagles defense did their job stopping the Saints from finding the end-zone or even a field goal for the first 15 minutes of play. Kelly should have had something up his sleeve to help the Eagles find a victory.

Chip Kelly was out coached in the game. He had no answers and this, his first play off game in the NFL resulted in a loss because of his inability to get the Eagles offense going.

Kelly did a great job in his rookie season as a head coach. He just found himself out matched in the wild card play off game. Kelly is learning the hard way, he has to have his guys ready to play.

Last night the Eagles looked anything but ready to play. Kelly must not have realized he had the home field advantage and the crowd was on his side.

Kelly will have plenty of time to think about it now that his team has been eliminated. The sad reality is the Eagles are a better football team than the Saints. If Kelly wasn’t so conservative, his Eagles could still be in the NFL play offs.

He learned the hard way, he has to keep thinking. Just because you are in the play offs, you have to work for the wins. Kelly didn’t do that last night.


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