Chip Kelly has done a fantastic job in his rookie season. The Eagles have won the NFC East Championship and now it is time to set their focus onto the New Orleans Saints.

Kelly’s defense did a great job of stopping the Dallas Cowboys to secure their spot in the play offs. Nick Foles did what he had to do, and the team played as a team to make sure they weren’t the ones getting eliminated.

Not many thought Kelly would have this kind of success in the NFL. Some thought he would be a complete failure. Those people have to believe in this Philadelphia Eagles team now.

Finishing the regular season at 10-6 give Philly fans something to believe in. This team could surprise people in the play offs. They believe in themselves and their play reflects it.

Nick Foles is one of the best young quarterbacks to come into the NFL is some time. Taken with the 88th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, his play has already turned some heads.

He showed he has nerves of steal when he took on the Dallas Cowboys and his play helped the Eagles carry out their goal of winning the NFC East.

How far can this Eagles team go in the play offs? It depends if the defense shows up and plays the way they did last night. The Eagles offense is well-balanced and the Saints have to travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles.

The Saints are used to playing in a dome. Traveling to Philadelphia and playing the Eagles in the elements isn’t going to be easy. I say the Eagles have the upper hand and if Foles can play with the same calm he had last night, the Eagles will be advancing to the second round of the NFL play offs.

Congratulations to Chip Kelly and his entire Philadelphia Eagles team for the great 2013 season they had. Now it is time to focus on the Saints and you can bet Kelly will have his guys ready to play……

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