Nick Foles the Eagles quarterback who threw 7 touchdowns against the Raiders made a serious statement to Chip Kelly and the rest of the Eagles coaching staff.

How many games would the Eagles have won if they went with Foles as the starter win the season started. This kid is a star in the making. He is a great quarterback and you can’t help to wonder how many games he would have won had he been named starter at the start of this season.

The Eagles are at one game below .500 at 4-5 and they are still in the race for the NFC East only one game behind the front running Cowboys.

If Foles is just coming into his own, he gives the Eagles a better chance to win than Vick. Foles gets better in every game he plays.

He is the kind of quarterback that is a game changer. He can light it up at any time and he showed his ability to make things happen quick in the Raiders game.

If Kelly is serious about contending in the division, he has to put Vick on the shelf for the rest of the season and go with Foles. If he doesn’t, he isn’t giving his Eagles the best chance to win.

Foles is a winner and he will continue to win for the Eagles given the chance.

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  1. xxLouA

    there are some wanna-be coaches on Eagles site that don’t think so.. check it out for a bit and see for urself. He should have started from the first game since he won role last year really.


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