Within the next few weeks the Denver Broncos will play the Chiefs, not once but twice. The Chiefs fans aren’t giving Peyton Manning and his Broncos team any chance at winning.

They call the Broncos donkeys and they try to say the only reason Denver is 7-1 is because they faced a weaker schedule this season.  USA Sports 360 picked the Broncos to hand the Chiefs their first loss of the season.

Manning is one of the most efficient quarterbacks this season and his numbers speak volumes as to who the best quarterback is in  2013. Yet, the Chief fans want to bring up the Broncos loss to the Colts.

These same fans say, the Broncos can’t win against good NFL teams. They are saying every time Manning and the Broncos face a tough team, they lose.

Manning is the number one rated quarterback in the NFL, he has one of the quickest releases of any quarterback, yet these Chiefs fans want to talk about how their defense is going to beat Manning into submission.

They don’t realize the Broncos defense is just as good as their defense and it is Smith who is going to get hammered when the Broncos meet the Chiefs in a couple of weeks.

We still pick the Denver Broncos to beat the Chiefs and you can  read our article letting the Chiefs fans know who we picked here.

If you’re a fan of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos be sure to have a look at our article linked above, you won’t believe what some of these Chiefs fans are saying.


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  1. anonymous

    You keep talking up the Denver defense (except for the article where you said they were terrible) and I don’t see where you’re coming from. I agree that Denver will crush KC (who has had an easier schedule than Denver thus far), but come on, man. KC’s defense is one of the best in the league, and Denver’s is not. Hopefully that will change with Miller back.

    • LG

      The Defense was terrible in a couple of games this season. The last game I have seen a vast improvement in the Defense. If they play the Chiefs like they played the Redskins the Broncos defense will destroy Alex Smith and the Chiefs. They cannot play the way they played against Dallas and the Colts….

  2. MileHighFTW

    Sorry, you lost all credibility with “the Broncos defense is just as good as their [KC’s] defense”. And I’m a lifelong Denver fan.

    • LG

      So you see them in the last game? They played Defense mush better and they beat the heck out of RG3….Yes The Denver Defense sucked this year but they are playing a lot tougher now.

    • Anonymous

      I also am a lifelong Denver fan and KC defense it tough. We have to play better D in order to not only win games against good teams but also in the playoffs!!!!!

      • Kendell

        Its easy to have the best D in the world, when you have played the QB’s the Chiefs have played.

  3. Nate

    What Enver (as in no D) fans do not seem to understand is that the Chiefs have playoff caliber ingredients. They have a QB who won’t lose a game for you, a solid running game, good special teams, and a great D. The Broncos however have a D easier than Kim Kardashian and a QB that consistently chokes in clutch, pressure situations.

    • Anonymous

      peyton doesn’t choke did you see against dallas or washington he came back after throwing ints and won those games he did not choke against indy, fox fxxked up and put in a fumble prone hillman to fumble yet again on the goal line blowing any chance for peyton to win

    • Anonymous

      quit crying,kanas city is good this year but there QB is not close to being as good as as peyton,come on lets be don’t hurt to dream but KC loses to denver,enjoy your time on being unbeaten because it all ends when they meet denver

  4. Susie Q

    I pray the Broncos beat the Chiefs both times…


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