Can you imagine the first question the Kansas City Chiefs star receiver asking the Police, was, is Sonic still open. No wonder he was speeding, the guy may have had a case of he munchies. The cops had to think this was hilarious.

Here’s Bowe speeding down the road, he gets pulled over the cops smell the stench of weed pouring out of his car, and then he asks them if Sonic is open. This is right out of a Cheech and Chong movie.

The word out on the street is Bowe will be inducted into the pot smokers hall of fame after this fiasco. What’s even funnier is Bowe’s lawyer is saying his client is 100% innocent.

According to the police report, Bowe admitted to the police he smoked a little pot. The real question is, how much is a little.

Bowe said he smoked the weed, while at Kansas City’s downtown airport. What a place to smoke pot, he is asking for trouble.

Bowe was at the airport because the Chiefs were off and he was was returning home following a trip out of town.

The police found third of an ounce of marijuana in his Audi A8. Bowe was driving 48 in a 35 MPH zone. the least he could have done if he had weed in his car was drive the speed limit. he should know better than to be speeding.

Bowe has  a court appearance on Dec. 18 and it’s unlikely that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would take any disciplinary measures against him until after that hearing. In the past, Goodell has handed down one-game suspensions and fines of an additional game check for similar cases.
If this was the 1970’s he would probably be getting a call to host Saturday Night Live.
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