The Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler had a pretty gosh darn good opening day. Cutler threw for 333 yards completing 21 of 35 of his passes had 2 touchdowns and only threw 1 interception. The Bears looked good as they beat the Indianapolis Colts by 20 points 41-21 today. The Chicago defense helped take care of Andrew Luck intercepting him three times in his NFL regular season debut. Tim Jennings picked off 2 of Luck’s passes and Chris Conte picked off Lucks 3rd interception on the day.

The Chicago Bears didn’t roll out the welcome mat for the Colts with their new franchise Q.B.. The Bears went after the number one overall pick in the 2012 draft relentlessly. The Chicago Bears did what they are famous for since the days of George Halas, they got in the opposing quarterbacks face. They applied the pressure to make sure he knew he was at Soldier Field in Chicago and he was in the Chicago Bears country. The Bears defense not only intercepted the young Andrew Luck, they sacked him three times too…

The Chicago Bears started their hunt for the play-offs today and it was a complete team effort, both the offense and the defense contributed to get this win….


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  1. sportsbaron1

    As I’ve said all along, Jay Cutler is a lot better than people think. hat he needed all along was protection from a COMPETENT offensive line and weapons–neither of which he had for his entire tenure with Chicago. Hopefully Mike Tice can keep Cutler upright this season. If so, for the first time since Jim McMahon was their quarterback (or Sid Luckman before HIM) we’ll actually be able to use the word “BLOWOUT” favorably in a sentence including “the Bears”…

    Santa Monica


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