Super Bowl Sunday brings a special moment, for one of the Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals. This USAF Lieutenant makes her debut in the Super Bowl. This brings a whole new meaning to up, up and away. They sure didn’t make Lieutenant’s like this when I was in the military.

If they did, I would have been a career man. First Lt. Alicia Quaco is a recent graduate (2010) from the Air Force Academy. She is stationed in Seattle where she works as a Air Force Lieutenant to over see the building of military aircraft.

She is also a member of the Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals and she is very excited to take to the field on Super Bowl Sunday, when her team takes on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48.

Quaco, was a cheerleader growing up and when she saw the Sea Gals were having try out and these try outs would be shown on TV, she had to get permission from her Air Force command to audition for the squad, according to the web site.

You can see by the  pictures about, the Sea Gals should be grateful the commander granted her permission to try out.  Heck, I am grateful the commander gave her permission.

Quaco thinks cheer leading and serving in the military have something in common. “We do have to stay in line while we are cheer leading and do a lot of the same things as the person next to you — much like you do in the military. They do complement each other.”

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Quaco is a sea gal



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