An argument can be made that Charlie Manuel didn’t have a lot to work with this season when it comes to the Phillies. Manuel one of the nicest men in all of professional sports is genuinely a nice guy. He knows baseball, and he is a good manager.

The Phillies have shown that they are a class-less organization with the firing of Manuel today. They could have let him finish out the 2013 season instead of embarrassing him today. Manuel deserved at least that much respect from the team’s front office.

The Phillies are at 53 -68 on the season, the team is 21-1/2 games behind the leader of the National League East, they are 15-1/2 games out of the wild card race, what good is going to come out of firing Manuel today? Does the front office think, now the team is magically going to win all 41 games they have left this season?

It is exactly that kind of thinking that put the Phillies in the position they are in right now. Putting Ryne Sandberg now, isn’t going to make this team turn things around. The team has to be upset with the Phillies organization’s way of handling Manuel and it is doubtful they are going to play hard for Sandberg.

Manuel shouldn’t have been dealt with in this manner. The team should have use some class. If I were the owner of this Phillies, I would be examining my front office personnel and making some serious changes as soon as the season ended.

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