You want to make a big splash at the NFL combine? Then you need to do what Blake Bortles does and date one of the hottest chicks on the planet. Brotles continues to get more question about his bikini model Lindsey Duke than he does about his play calling abilities.

Duke is hot that’s for sure, but what does she have to do with the quarterbacks abilities to lead an NFL team?

This is a tough life, dating one of the hottest girls in America. Someone has to do it and in this case it may as well be Bortles. How popular would he be at the combine if he wasn’t dating Duke? He could be overlooked in the draft.

Maybe some NFL teams are thinking they might want to draft him so the perverts who run the team have some eye candy to look at.

Hopefully, Bortles will be drafted by a team that has warm weather to play in. It would be a shame if Duke has to cover her assets in some cold weather city such as Cleveland. Could you imagine the in-justice of that happening?

Quarterbacks always land the hottest girls. Just think back to high school or middle school for that matter.

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