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NFL14 Cherry Picks W2: TMZ & Profitable Chaos

Coinage in Chaos Most news reports began with phrases like, “new video has surfaced,” and “obtained by TMZ.com,” sadly, words that’re now nomenclature (std schpeal?) in today’s tawdry tell-all times (“New Video” ...

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has his Denver Broncos offense looking as sharp as ever in their win over the Colts.

Peyton Manning hasn’t missed a beat. He comes into the 2014 season, looking like a guy who has one thing on his mind. That thing is to get his Denver Bronco’s back ...

Tony Romo
It’s a new season for the Dallas Cowboys, but it is the same old Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys opened their 2014 NFL season with a loss. The fans can thank the Quarterback Tony Romo. He threw 3 interceptions and with that, he handed the game to the ...

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers & his Green Bay Packers didn’t get the start to the 2014 NFL season they wanted.

Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers had a rough start to the 2014 NFL season. They didn’t get off to the start they wanted, but it was probably close to the ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W1: Thursday Football?

Thursday Night Football Not a fan of the Thursday night game, am I, and especially not to kick-off the 2014-15 NFL season. It’s a terrific inaugural match-up this season, as the Packers, ...

Seattle Seahawks
The Seattle Seahawks start off the NFL season dominating the Green Back Packers.

The Seattle Seahawks are back, they are looking like the same team that won the Super Bowl last season. They are also looking like a team that can repeat, with another Super ...

NFL Hunch Line: Cover-Pink Proves Timely

Too little, too late. That had been the prevailing sentiment of an already disgruntled NFL fan-base shortly after hearing news last Thursday (8/28) that Roger Goodell had tightened-up the League policy on ...

Spur-ring Change in an ESPN World

Earlier this month the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs took “one small step for (woman)” when they announced the hiring of the first female game coach in Association history in the person of ...

Colt McCoy
Colt McCoy comes away from his preseason debut with the Redskins, with a higher QB rating than all 3 of the Cleveland Browns QB’s combined.

If you are one of the people, who never understood, why Colt McCoy didn’t play well with the Cleveland Browns, join the crowed. McCoy signed with the Washington Redskins, and when they ...

Dan Orlovsky
The Detroit Lions have to be un happy with what they saw from quarterback Dan Orlovsky.

If the Detroit Lions have to depend on a back up quarterback this season, they better not have to depend on the services of Dan Orlovsky. He looked terrible in the preseason ...

Ranking Lite: NFL’14 Training Camps

The ranking: It’s all the rage in online sport. Not the statistical rankings on players and teams, like QB comp % or team defense. Very popular and helpful to all sorts of sport ...

Steelers Big Wheel Ben Roethlisberger

He’s been living smaller down in Mississippi for the past few years. No longer commanding troops on Battlefield NFL, Brett Favre hung up his cleats for the last time after sprinting off ...

tony dungy commnets about michael sam
Don’t take Tony Dungy’s comments about St. Louis Rams D.L. Michael Sam out of context. It wasn’t about being gay, it was about being a distraction.

People are already upset with the comment, Tony Dungy made about drafting Michael Sam to the St. Louis Rams. Dungy simply said he wouldn’t have taken Sam, because he would be a ...

Joe Flacco needs to be a leader this season
What can we expect from Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens this season?

Joe Flacco and his Baltimore Ravens, have to finish a lot better than 8-8 this season. We aren’t even through training camp yet, and the odds makers are already picking the Cincinnati ...

Trent Richardson
Could this be Trent Richardson’s final season as an NFL running back? Will the Colts cut him?

Trent Richardson is coming into his 3rd season in the NFL. He has already coasted 2 team’s a number one pick. When one guy cost 2 teams a number one pick, you ...

Serve It Up: Super Bowl or World Cup?

Soccer is thick in the air,… …or, as it’s known to most the planet’s inhabitants, football – futbol, but that’s not to be confused with North America’s favorite gridiron game, or the ...

Chcuk Noll dead at the age of 82
Remembering Chuck Noll he may have been born in Cleveland, but he became a legend in Pittsburgh.

The world not only lost a great football coach, they lost a living legend. Chuck Noll, a man who was born in Cleveland, Ohio became one of the all-time great NFL coaches ...

Dez Bryant thinks Brandon Weeden is good
Dez Bryant calling Brandon Weeden outstanding & great makes people wonder if he ever saw any film on Weeden in the NFL?

Dez Bryant is being an outstanding teammate to Brandon Weeden. The quarterback was picked up by Dallas this off-season, after he was cut by the Cleveland Browns. Weeden and Bryant have a ...

Kudos Kaep, But You’re No ‘Bald Eagle’

It could’ve been Thursday’s sport headline: ‘Crackpot! 49ers Cufflinks Gone Wild!’ Hyperbole? Sure, but just barely. Oh what a deal the Niners cut with their current QB! These are high times, and ...

Brandon Weeden learning in dallas
Dallas Cowboys QB Brandon Weeden said; I think being smart aggressive vs. being dumb aggressive is two different things.”

Sometimes the Brandon Weeden jokes, have a way of writing themselves. Weeden is with the Dallas Cowboys now, and he claims to be learning something from a very smart Tony Romo. After ...

colin kaepernick contract talks
How much is Colin Kapernick worth to the San Francisco 49ers? Sounds like we are about to find out.

Now that the dust has settled and the air has somewhat cleared, it seems the San Francisco 49ers, and Colin Kaepernick’s people are about to get back to the negotiations. The team ...

Mathis Vibes Flag PED War Malaise

It’s one of the most notable NFL drug suspensions in recent years. Back in May, Colts All-Pro linebacker Robert Mathis, in giving a urine sample in accordance with NFL and NFLPA’s joint ...

aaron rodgers
Is this Aaron Rodgers in some Seattle Seahawks gear? (Photo)

Would Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers be caught out in public wearing some Seattle Seahawks gear?  Or is this a picture of his twin? It’s difficult to say whether or not ...

Cowboys talking to Brian Urlacher or Jonathan Vilma.
Dallas Cowboys need a line-backer so bad they could be bringing in Brian Urlacher or Jonathan Vilma.

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to fill the hole they have at line-backer. Reports are saying the team could be in talks to bring in Brian Urlacher or Jonathan Vilma. Can you ...

Mark Sanchez shouldn't be part of the eagles
Honest question for you, will Mark Sanchez be on the Eagles roster on opening day?

I get a kick out of how excited QB Mark Sanchez is to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles. Let face reality, Sanchez is excited because he is still in the ...

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