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NFL15 Cherry Picks W5: Feel No Pain

“Comfortably Numb” This week’s theme was served up in the early going in post-game interviews after Ravens Thursday night win in Pittsburgh (23-20 OT), a Steelers stumble due in some measure to ...


NFL15 Cherry Picks W4: Collision Course

Go-Getters & Grass-Legs It’s early in NFL 2015, or as Steve Buscemi (Fargo (‘96)) would say, the season “still has that new car smell (gulp),” and as such, hard to be drawing ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W3: Mighty Quinn?

“Come all without, come all within… You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.” Opening line to Manfred Mann’s 1968 hit single, “Quinn the Eskimo,” known alternatively as the “Mighty Quinn.” It ...

NFL15-W2 Minute Waltz: Gambler’s Woe

Results from Week 2 offer reason #11 why you don’t gamble on games: topsy-turvy tally. “It’s all one big crap-shoot anyhoo (“Needlenose Ned,” Groundhog Day (‘93)).” That pretty much holds true even ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W2: Swivel-Head

Playtime’s Over Week 2 in the young NFL season is far from what incendiary scribes can make out to be a make or break (“panic”) game. But suffice to say that it’s ...

NFL15-W1 HunchLine: Minute Waltz

Good Spot New England Patriots Sure, Brady’s win in Rd-2 of Deflategate was, in Bart Simpson® vernacular, awesome, for Tom and all camped in his corner (See also; NFL bean-counters), but the ...

“Thanks a Bunch!:” Why We Love the NFL

While the amateurs (FBS) kicked-off their season Thursday night, the pros will begin their long procession towards Super Bowl 50 (Santa Clara (2.7)), a journey most football faithful hold as near & ...

Tim Tebow
We are just hours away from finding out if Tim Tebow gets to fly like an Eagle this season.

Has Tim Tebow made the final 53-man roster with the Philadelphia Eagles? That’s the question everyone is looking for an answer to. Chip Kelly, head coach of the Eagles hasn’t confirmed if ...

NFL15: Did Caldwell Pull All the Stops?

Little “Carole (Sherry Jackson)” and big “Steve Williams (John Wayne, Trouble Along the Way (‘53)),” were wrong: Not only is “winning (not) everything, neither is it “the only thing.” Spunky frozen asset ...

Bills Like IKE: 2nd Chance or Free Pass?

It’s been the talk of town, New York town, that is, for good part of this past week. And it’s likely to have some traction running well into the NFL 2015 season. ...

Canton 2016: Think Buddy Ryan

It’s August, a time of preparation for the coming autumn change. Plants, wildlife and insects are doing all their things in appreciation of a limited lifespan and anticipating the coming cold. Farmers ...

Relax Brady, Anti-Hero’s a Better Look

He’s face of the NFL, reigning Super champ QB with the GQ smile and model wife. But lately, Tom’s been taking more punches on the chin than a Pacquiao – Mayweather fisticuff. ...

NFL15: Bills Ryan Tops Coaches on the Cue

The hot seat: That’s the term of the trade, coaching, that is. Specifically, a term of warning that means, he, maybe she someday the way things are moving (See; Welter (AZ) & ...

“Gods & Monsters:” Recalling ’85 Bears Catalyst Jim McMahon

It has been called the greatest team in the modern NFL era. Some will prefer a broader definition of greatest, one incorporating a sustained success or dynasty in today’s vernacular. For them, ...

Rivalries That Rock the Sporting Scene

What, with all the Brady bashing going on these days, it’s gotten this sport fan to thinking: Why all the hostility? Because America won’t abide a cheater? That’s cute. First, think of ...

NFL15: Tinker Bell Alert at Owner’s Meet

They’re back at it. The tweakers, or as I’ve begun to call them, the tinker bells. Those in the NFL’s upper echelon, probably under 30, who seem never satisfied with their wildly ...

NFL15: Krafty Move or Senior Moment?

Recent news of Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s decision to forgo appeal of the penalty levied on his team by the NFL for what it perceived was a knowing “circumvention” of the League’s ...

2014 Duds Look to Re-Launch in NFL 2015

Now that NFL Draft 2015, brought to us by the City of Big Shoulders (Chicago), is in the books (Is there any event less deserving of its big build-up than the televised ...

NFL15: Why Goodell Goofed in Patriots Penalty

Update: Shortly before this write was set to post on Monday, the NFL announced that Tom Brady would be suspended four games and the Patriots penalized $1M with the loss of two ...

Can Peterson to Dallas Square the Walker Score?

If the phrase ‘blockbuster trade’ had not yet been coined, this deal was sure to get it minted fast. It was a real doozie. The NFL had never seen a two-team swap ...

The Strange NFL Ride of Tim Tebow

He’s back. But if you’re a Tim Tebow fan you’d better hold off for awhile on forking out $395 smackers for that official NFL-NFLPA approved Philadelphia Eagles Nike® game jersey. Timbo signed ...

Johnny Renaissance: Manziel Begins Anew

Shirley Ellis called it “The Name Game” in her 1964 pop hit. Ever since Jonathan Manziel (Johnny Football®) made the national scene in 2011, his trademarked moniker and free-wheeling lifestyle have become ...

A Favorite Patrick Willis Moment

There are three kinds of sport fan: 1) The ‘means to an end’ers,’ i.e., gamblers, fantasy fanatics, saberheads, most brass and I suspect more than a few writers and media personalities; 2) ...

75 Great Movies You’ll Never Watch

Ever wonder if the mere act of appreciating a thing, might give you a stake in it? Could simply admiring, say, a song, a book, a good meal, a crafted table, sports ...

Homer or Hater, History Will Love the New England Patriots

“Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.” Gen. George S. Patton (’43), as portrayed by George C. Scott (“Patton (’70)”). Things were alot clearer back in 1943, not always ...

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