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NCAAF16: Bad Karma Behind the Brian Kelly – Notre Dame Blues?

Karmic Backlash It’s become standard operating procedure today for many in the mainstream and social media, that when a public figure makes a misstep or puts them self too far ahead of ...


NCAAF.16: It’s Saban, Meyer,..then Everyone Else in FBS-D1

I’m not one to watch CNBC and the like. That goes for most TV today. Can’t stand the ADD-delivery, the lies (faux-reality), the dumb-down (The Simpsons) and the double-dipping (commercials and monthly ...

“Hurry-Up” Harbaugh? Hold ‘Yur Horses!

They were the days of raccoon coats and day-time donnybrooks telegraphed by wire, amplified in radio and devoutly devoured in newsprint; Co-eds and flappers were beginning to fill the wooden stands with ...

Coaching Lite®: What’s Killing College Football

August is packing it’s bags and September’s ready to move in. That means college football’s 2015-16 season is about set to kickoff. For the big boys (FBS), 127 schools by Wikipedia count, ...

Chin Music: Pigskin or Cowhide, Bama’s Ball Country

Alabama. The name itself has its origin in the Choctaw Indian language, then reflecting Spanish, French and English influence from exploration & settlement beginning around the mid-1500s. Its meaning is not entirely ...

CFP: A Matter of Caliber

When it comes to most sporting playoffs, the post-season net is cast far & wide. The fatter the field grows, the more glims gander and the more moola is made. But money’s ...

Colorado Buffalos
What does it mean to play football for the Colorado Buffalo’s? Have a look through the eyes of former NFL great Lawrence Vickers.

Lawrence Vickers, was one of the last remaining blue-collar NFL fullback. With the ever-changing offenses in the NFL, guys like Vickers are in short demand. Vickers was one of those players, who ...

Jamis Winston caught stealing crab legs
How ignorant can Jamis Winston be? He beat one bad rap and now he is caught stealing crab legs. So do you think he will beat this too?

Is Jameis Winston stupid? Does he think his football celebrity is going to help him again? Did the police inform the store which caught Winston Stealing the Crab Legs from, what would ...

Blake Bortles & Lindsey Duke talk of the NFL combine
Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles continues to be out shinned by his hot girlfriend Lindsey Duke. Will this help his draft stock rise? Something is rising that’s for sure.

You want to make a big splash at the NFL combine? Then you need to do what Blake Bortles does and date one of the hottest chicks on the planet. Brotles continues ...

Carlos Hyde injured Hamstring at NFL combine
Is Carlos Hyde the best RB in this years NFL draft? He injured his hamstring while running 40 at combine.

Former Ohio State Buckeyes RB Carlos Hyde said he was the best running back in this years draft and his film should speak for itself. Then he went out and set a ...

Michael Sams NFL Combine
Michael Sams addresses the media at the NFL Combine. He asked them to think of him as a football player and not a gay man.

There has been plenty of said about Michael Sams, since he came out as the first openly gay football player going into the NFL draft. Sams addressed the media this afternoon from ...

Michael Sam comes out as openly gay
Is the NFL ready for a openly gay player? The University of Missouri’s Michael Sam thinks so. Will his draft stock plunge?

Before yesterday, Michael Sam was a top NFL draft prospect. Now that he has come out and told the world he is an openly gay man and proud of it, you have ...

Jameis Winston,Heisman trophy,
Shouldn’t the Jameis Winston Heisman trophy be displayed in the lobby of the Tallahassee Police Department? They may have helped him win it.

Have you wondered, how far Jameis Winston would have went in the Heisman vote, had the Tallahassee Police Department handled the rape allegations as if he was any other suspect? According to ...

Jameis Winston Dna in panties
So, Jameis Winston I suppose you have a real good explanation as to how your DNA got into her panties. Lets hear it.

Is this going to be another case of where a prominent college athlete, throw his entire future away because of one stupid act? It is starting to look like it from where ...

Braxton Miller
Braxton Miller and his Ohio State Buckeye offense should roll right over Purdue.

This weekend when Braxton Miller and his high-powered Ohio State Buckeyes offense take on the Purdue Boilermakers, the Buckeyes are favored by 30-1/2 points. Miller has played well this season. He is ...

Miller & Meyer
Urban Meyer’s choice to start Braxton Miller looks pretty good now. The Buckeyes remain undefeated.

Before the game, Ohio State Buckeyes fans didn’t know what to expect with Braxton Miller getting the start. After the game the decision to play Miller looked ingenious.  Urban Meyer made the ...

Joihnny Manziel
In less than 6 minutes Johnny Manziel has shown Nick Saban’s defense they have no answer for him.

In 2 minutes and 29 seconds Johnny Manziel was able to drive his A&M team into the end zone to take a 6-0 lead over Alabama. They made the extra point and ...

Braxton Miller
How does Braxton Miller’s injury influence his Heisman chances? OSU coach Meyer said he is a game time decision.

By now everyone has to be wondering if Ohio State Buckeyes QB, Braxton Miller doesn’t play against Cal, if it would influence the voting in the Heisman race. Miller sustained an injury ...

Braxton Miller
Is it time to put Braxton Miller on the Heisman Trophy yet? He has his Buckeyes off to a great start.

The Ohio State Buckeyes got off to a fast start today. Braxton Miller threw for 178 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Buckeyes dropped Buffalo to their knees in the season opener. ...

urban Meyer over reacting
Is Ohio State Buckeyes Urban Meyer suffering after effects of the way he handled Aaron Hernandez? Is he over suspending?

Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer looks as though he is out to prove a point this season. He is handing out suspensions like they are free tickets to the movies. Urban ...

Johnny Red Flag

Johnny Football’s gotta’ go. The name, that is, and it’s about time. The eligibility thing? NCAA will settle that question. You’ve gotta’ earn a handle like “Johnny Football,” and frankly, John Manziel ...

Johnny Manziel NCAA Investigation
Is Mr. Football Johnny Manziel finished in College Football? If The NCAA finds he took the cash he is.

Here we go again. This time is is Mr. Football, Johnny Manziel who is letting people down. Manziel allegedly took money for signing autographs for a sports memorabilia dealer.  Reports say Manziel ...

Carlos Hyde didn't ht woman
New club video shows that Ohio State Running back Carlos Hyde, didn’t strike victim. Did Urban Meyer jump the gun with suspension?

The video from the club where Ohio State Buckeyes running back Carlos Hyde allegedly punched a women in the face shows he didn’t strike anyone. The Video shows Hyde was the one ...

Urban Meyer sopomore season
What can we expect from Urban Meyer & his Ohio State Buckeyes in his sophomore season?

When Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes take to the field for the 2013 season, it is going to be hard to reproduce the perfect season the Buckeyes had in 2012. ...

Grodon Gee
Call it what you want, we all know Gordon Gee was forced out of Ohio State University. What message does this send the youth?

The Ohio State University announced the retirement of the Universities president Gordon Gee today. They can call it what they want. We all know they forced Gee into retirement, because of the ...

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