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MLB-WS2017: Sabrmetrics, the Rush To Forgive and Ensconced In Anaheim..of Greater Los Angeles

Hail the Houston Astros, MLB17’s World Series champion. Last year it was the Chicago Cubs ending the drought of all baseball droughts (1908) in taking the title which’d seemed pretty well in ...


MLB17 Chin-Music: Dodgers Drought Ends As Cubs Quench-Quest Begins Anew

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs NLCS proved something beyond the fact the best National League ball-club in MLB17 calls Chavez Ravine their home. It also proved that the post-season is ...

MLB17 Chin-Music: Derby Downtime Induces Cubs Late Season Delivery

Say hello to the new..new Chicago Cubs! That’s no typo, I’ll explain. The new Cubs were 2016 MLB champions. The new new Bruins are the current version that seems to have shaken ...

MLB17 Chin Music: Will Joe’s Cubs Need a Merkle Boner to Complete This Repeat?

“Merkle’s Boner:” It didn’t catapult the Chicago Cubs to the 1908 World Series, their 3rd in as many years, but it did by way of that game’s 1-1 tie, provide the Bruins ...

MLB17: Cubs Atop, Everything Old Is New Again, And 19c. Championships, SABR-Snobs

*(CL-FC)Set to defend their first MLB title since 1908, the Chicago Cubs have stepped off cloud nine and back onto terra firma to begin their quest for a 2nd title-in-tandem (1907-08) by ...

MLB17 Chin Music: With Cubs Ascendancy, Baseball’s Spotlight Swings Midwest

Now that the Chicago Cubs have rediscovered their long dormant championship flair, a find expedited by an ownership (Ricketts) that acquired top manager (Theo Epstein & Joe Maddon) and player talent, the ...

MLB16 Chin Music: Cubs Win Is Just More Cloudburst For Rainmaker Theo Epstein

Those Sporting Gods are a funny bunch of deities. Not funny like a “clown,” oh no, but curious, like that monkey on PBS (“George”). At times they seem asleep at the wheel, ...

MLB16 Chin Music: Angels Weep But Gods Still Favor Pujols & Trout

It won’t be the question that keeps Anaheim Angels’ braintrust fidgeting when their 2016 season ends with conclusion of Sunday afternoon’s game against the visiting Astros. More likely it will be the ...

MLB16 Chin Music: The Last Iconic, Hack’s 191 Endures As Ueber-Think Thrives

The Ueber Code: No $tone Unturned Evanston, Illinois: That’s the birthplace. It aught tell the reader, onto which of Windy City’s two major league ball-clubs I pin my hopes n’ dreams for ...

Mitch Moreland
Mitch Moreland I can’t stand him!!!

Written by; Clifford Santa Monica Let me begin by saying that—as a run producer—I can’t stand him…all the more so since he plays at a premium RBI position. His overall numbers aren’t ...

MLB16: Troutonics & Rise of Hamiltonianism

In a time when numerology has become the method by which every editor and marketing director in the land shapes their sport media product, a use that borders on the obsessive and ...

Barry Bonds, Elections and Lies-by-Right

‘You knew but what’d ya’ll do?’ “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” Marmion, by Sir Walter Scott (1808) Webmaster Barry Bonds rejoined his “fraternity” last month ...

MLB16 Chin Music: What If Cubs Do Hoist?

These are different days in the land of bruins, “big shoulders” and manual scoreboards. If you’d been pulling a Rip Van Winkle and just awoke from your Washington Irving-like slumber you might ...

MLB15 Chin Music: The Perfect Game That Wasn’t

Perfection. It’s a rare bird in this wild we call life, but it is out there, if you‘ve the inclination and eyes to spot it. The varieties are many. The following are ...

MLB15 Chin Music: All the GM’s Men?

To risk so much, for so little. That was my first thought after reading report last week of an FBI investigation into a possible hacking of Houston Astros computer database in 2013 ...

Chin Music: Bryant Call-up Coming to Roost?

Just to pose the idea would send shockwaves throughout the sport fantasy world and probably elicit more than a few bellows of ‘bonehead’ directed at the poser, had they a megaphone of ...

MLB15 Chin Music: Giants Formula No Secret

Three World Series titles in five seasons (2010, ‘12 & ‘14). That’s impressive stuff. And very satisfying too, especially for older Giants‘ fans, when you consider it took the East Coast transplants ...

MLB15 Chin Music: Harper Time

I can feel it. The ice is about to break on this winter and unless you sell salt or woolen mittens for your livelihood, it can‘t happen soon enough. The thought of ...

MLB15 Chin Music: Robby Red Flag

They are the cornerstones in the foundation upon which modern baseball was built and its legitimacy rests: the prohibitions on gambling, performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and a valuable stewardship over its historical ...

Chin Music: Pigskin or Cowhide, Bama’s Ball Country

Alabama. The name itself has its origin in the Choctaw Indian language, then reflecting Spanish, French and English influence from exploration & settlement beginning around the mid-1500s. Its meaning is not entirely ...

Chin Music’14: Batty for Balls & Strikes

Forest for the Trees In an age of monopoly where one brand or theme will hog the shelf, baseball too has its fair share of conforming, domineering trends. On the diamond, it’s ...

Comparing Kershaw to Koufax.

Written By; Clifford Sta. Monica To all of what you said, rather astutely, I would add this not so rhetorical question for those who insist that a Kershaw Koufax comparison is warranted ...

Chin Music’14: Yostest with the Mostest

Return of Royalty I could’ve gotten on baseball-reference.com, boned-up on KC’s stats and tried to sell a familiarity, but who needs another numbers cruncher anyway? I wouldn’t have dropped WAR into it, ...

Chin Music’14: Exit Jeter, Enter A-Rod

Mood Swing They’ll feel the breeze clear over in Jersey, once that change in mood starts swingin’ across the great Metropolis. As Derek Jeter, newest member of the vaunted pinstripe pantheon, exits ...

Chin Music’14: Selig’s Legacy? Rose, Receipts & Records

It’s funny, some people‘s priorities. Two weeks ago the grand old game announces its biggest change in leadership in 20+ years and who does Sports Illustrated see fit to grace their cover ...

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