By Larry GLicken

The Oakland Raiders couldn’t find the end-zone in the first half of their season opener. Carson Palmer threw for 297 yards but couldn’t find the end-zone until the 4th quarter against the Chargers defense. Palmer and his Raiders had to settle for 2 field goals in the first half and would go into the locker room wondering how they could find a way to beat the defense the Chargers were using against Palmer and the Oakland Raiders.

It didn’t get any better as the second half started, the Raiders were held score-less in the 3rd quarter and would only score 8 points in the fourth to fall short and lose the game to the Chargers 22-14. The Raiders had no running game. They only rushed for a total of 45 yards in the game. Palmer completed 32 of the 46 passes he threw but when it was crunch time it was the Chargers doing the crunching. Not exactly what Raiders football is all about.

It is going to be tough for the Raiders to win if Janikowski almost puts more points on the board than Palmer.




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