Cam Newton completed ONLY 16 of 25 passes…Post season


That isn’t a bad completion percentage at all—it actually works out to 64% on the nose. The problem is that, once again, despite throwing five or six absolutely gorgeous balls—one of them a touchdown pass to Steve Smith—Cam also threw two interceptions that resulted from poor footwork, something that he keeps doing despite having logged three years as a starter now. I keep telling people that I don’t trust Cam Newton any more than I do Jay Cutler or former Colts’ qb Jeff George and for the exact same reason(s): none of them are consistent when it comes down to moving the chains in critical situations—something quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have become famous for.


But  Carolina’s problems run a lot deeper than Cam Newton. This team has NO depth at wide receiver. They’ve got Steve Smith and a collection of plumbers at that position. And yesterday Steve Smith was playing on one leg. But that problem has existed for as long as I’ve been watching this team (eight years). So I lay the blame for it at management’s feet. NO club in ANY sport should take the field or the court with the same flaws season after season after season unless their GM is a dumb primate.


Also, every commentator I’ve listened to so far goes on and on about how Carolina got stuffed SEVEN times yesterday on attempts to score from inside the 4 yard line. YES, of course San Francisco’s defense was magnificent (as it almost always is under Jim Harbaugh-especially in that situation). But to me the Panthers’ futility was traceable just as much to stupid (read TIMID) play calling. How in hell’s name do you expect to score against a rock-ribbed defense like the 49’ers’ by running into the center of their D-Line not once, not twice, not three times or four or five-but SEVEN times (roughly)???? That was just plain idiotic. And–of course–that gave Harbaugh’s club an enormous amount of confidence and helped propel his team to victory—a result I predicted beforehand since Kapaernick has many more weapons at his disposal than Newton does in Crabtree, Davis, Boldin and Frank Gore.


But one day Ron Rivera and the Carolinas’ brain dead trust will learn…or at least one hopes so



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    New GM in first year.


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