When Carmelo Anthony isn’t telling the fans to F-off, he is a great basketball player. Anthony was in a zone last night and he broke the Knicks all time single game scoring record.

Anthony said the zone was there and he knew it, after hitting a shot from half court just before half time. Anthony is a heck of a great player and in last nights game he showed he should be measured with the best.

He pasted three great NBA players with his record-breaking performance. He played well enough to pass, Kevin Durant. Next was Bernard King, and finally Kobe Bryant.

What a performance he had. 62 points in a game doesn’t come easy, but in last nights game Carmelo made it look easy. Carmelo helped the Knicks stop a 5 game losing streak, his 62 points was half of the 125 points the Knicks scored in downing he Bobcats 125-96.

Anthony hit Anthony made 23-of-35 shots, he added 13 rebounds on the night too. He had 56 points after the 3rd quarter to break Durant’s previous season high of 54.

Carmelo wasn’t done yet, he stayed in the game for the first few minutes of the 4th quarter to break the record of King’s Knicks record of 60 set in 1984.

Anthony also beat the great Kobe Bryant’s arena record of 61 set five years ago.

After the game Carmelo said; “I made history tonight, with the performance, but just to be a part of that group of people, like I said, there’s only a small group of people that knows what that zone feels like and tonight I was one of them.”

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