Cap fans, PLEASE take off your friggin’ rose-tinted glasses and LOOK at what you’re dealing with here. As I’ve said elsewhere, George McPhee is one of the stupidest GM’s in sports. He makes some mystifyingly dumb personnel decisions–the latest one involved surrendering a talented, 21 year old forward with size (Phillip Forsberg) for a 31 year old retread who hadn’t scored 20 goals in the past three seasons (Martin Erat).

When asked WHY he would make such an imbecilic move, his answer was that he wanted to win the Cup NOW!! REALLY, ELMER??!@? At the time of the rape (oops, I meant to say, “TRADE”), I recall thinking that after the Capitals get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round I wonder if anybody in Washington’s media pool will have the grapes to bring up McPhee’s stupid-assed reasoning vis a vis Forsberg, Martin Erat and Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Predictably, no one has, so I will. To me, McPhee should have been pink slipped after he re-signed the talented, but perennially underachieving cipher and mistake-prone head case Alexander Semin and then finally trading him to Carolina soon afterwards.

McPhee is a highly paid dumbbell. As a former player for the Rangers and Devils you’d think he’d understand what it takes to build a viable Stanley Cup contender. But like his counterparts Danny Ainge and Isaiah Thomas in basketball, George doesn’t seem to get it. This team will NEVER win a Cup as long as that overpaid sock puppet is the one pulling the strings. PERIOD.

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