Unbelievable,  is what the Kansas City Chiefs season is becoming. Andy Reid has his Chiefs at 5-0, they are one of 3 teams that remain undefeated in the NFL after week 5. The Chiefs did it by beating the Tennessee Titans 26-17.

The Chiefs did it much in the same way they have done it all season. They played great defense and they kept the pressure on the Titans all game long. This Chiefs defense is nothing short of amazing.

They play the game with a ton of passion and they look to be unstoppable. The Kansas City offense isn’t helping their opponents either. They play a solid game and refuse to make mistakes that would help their opponents win.

Alex Smith threw for 245 yards and threw one interception. He didn’t have a touchdown passing but the Chiefs rushed Jamaal Charles efficiently and he had one rushing touchdown to go along with the defense scoring touchdowns in the game.

Who in their right mind would have believed the Chiefs would be siting at 5-0, with a new head coach and a new quarterback in the 2013 season? Be honest, if someone would have told you the Kansas City Chiefs would have been undefeated after 5 weeks of the 2013 season would you have believed them?

Andy Reid done a great job bringing the Chiefs back into the NFL Elite teams. The Chiefs could get to 8-0 over the next three weeks. They take on the Raiders, the Browns and the Texans. Out of those 3 teams the Texans are their toughest opponent.

The Chiefs have to keep playing at this level just to keep pace with the Broncos, who are in the same division.



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